Apr 23, 2006

Congratulations AW Universe!

While the Active Worlds universe was rocking out to the Aztech Rising concert, a delivery truck showed up at our ground zero... and after some unloading and setup, MPL Knight signed for the new and improved arcade machines he had ordered about two months ago. The delay was apparently caused by a random Tsunami in the virtual oceans off the shores of AWGate.

In any event, we have the delivery of the arcade machines! So here's the deal - the arcade machines are in two custom objects to reduce the occurance of zbuffer. The top piece (marquee) can be one of two objects, one is a sign and the other a picture object. The bottom half is generic and can have a picture command on it to show a screensot of the game that is tagged to it.

We've had a couple of bids on the arcade machine, but for now they are not for sale. VR5 is not really in the business of selling models, and any models we make are for company use. Another reason is because they are not really finished yet.

Again, the motto for us is to create prototypes and continuously improve as we go. I apologize for the often low framerates and the hundreds of objects we have around GZ and elsewhere. These builds are prototypes and tests, and we are busy making optimized build sets to replace the FPS hogs we have now.

So far we've taken out the prototype subway we had (in anticipation of AW 4.1), and this has increased our framerates at GZ to something more useable. Whenever AW 4.1 does decide to actually be availible... we'll start zoning everything out properly and working on the subway again.

Yes, we know some of our builds are flooded :) The concert took most of our effort, so we didnt have time to fix the flooded areas in time. We will get to it :)

I would also like to publicly thank everyone who helped make the Aztech Rising concert a success! Stacee @ AW was a huge help for increasing the world limit for the weekend to handle the short burst of traffic. We didnt have 150 people in world, but we did keep a steady 50 during the concert! This was enough to make VR5 the number one world in the AW Universe!

Would like to thank Capri Graphics for the stage, Aztech Rising for playing, DMC2U for the help in last minute setups, SWChris for helping with some lag issues before the concert. TunaBlues was awesome with the corona light display :)

Apparently it is impossible to use remote commands with coronas... but then again we had them at the concert.... guess there is always a first time for everything :)

Also would like to thank AW Radio for setting up the simulcast for the concert, and allowing us to handle 114 listeners for the concert. I'm not sure of how many people tuned in for the concert, but I do know we just about maxed out our own station The Edge.

Great job, AW Universe for making this a concert to remember!

MPL Knight

William Burns
VR5 Online, LLC


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