Jun 9, 2006

8 Reasons You Should Vote for Us :)

We've been creating some pretty nifty things for the AW universe over the past ten years, but this is the first time our work has been given four seperate nominations. One nomination for "Best World", another for "Best Media Presentation" (The Edge Radio Presentation of the Aztech Rising concert held in this world April 22nd), Another for "Best Event" (Concert) and last but not least, "Best Object" - Nidus Arena.

While Nidus Arena was good, there are plenty of things that Wes Seay has created which better show off his abilities using Phototextures. Alot of the stuff is new and a work in progress (like the Starbucks or BestBuy) but you can see whre we are going with all of this. We brought back the old version of our world just for the Cys this year, so you can see the things we have been working on for the past 12 months. When the Cys are over, some of it will stay and some will go.

Not that they are not existing on the server, we are busy doing custom photoreal models to take the place of the Cell Space hogs that originally were there. That said, there are 8 very good reasons we deserve your vote this year (for at least Best World). And we are including pictures to prove it :)

The pictures for this post don;t even cover half of what we are doing in here when it comes to innovation and forward thinking. We'll admit that alot of worlds simply look pretty and have great eyecandy (and alot of those we are in competition with for the Cys). The problem is, no matter how good something looks, it's usually at the expense of functionality.

Take for instance, our Arcade. When was the last time you were in a working arcade
in ActiveWorlds? Not a bunch of props that look good, but an actual working arcade? I will be the first to admit that this world isn't as pretty as most of our competitors worlds, but that is because we are putting more effort into making stuff work. We want everything to do something instead of just look pretty. We have a full Media Library, Post Office, Graveyard, Starbucks, BestBuy, and we are working on numerous projects to add to the world in order to make things better for everybody - the first of which is the Avatar Movers Gallery (allowing tourists to choose from 40 avatars).

This world is about innovation and thinking out of the box. Sometimes we look nice, and sometimes it looks like a random junkyard of ideas. But in the end, we always give something new to the community. Innovation and pushing the AW Browser to it's limits - that is why we were nominated for Best World. When other worlds were having Bingo or Easter Egg Hunts, We threw a live concert at Nidus Arena. We packed the world that night, with 53 + people in attendance. That is why we were nominated for Best Media Presentation AND Best Event.

This year, we strongly urge you to consider us for your Cy vote for at least one of those categories. We aren't giving away free prizes for every vote, and we
do not believe that this is merely a popularity contest. This isn't about that - the Cys are about showing appreciation to the people who are working hard to make things better for all of us.

Remember - voting in the Cys starts June 10th and ends June 17th. Get out to the polls and show us some love :)

Looking toward the Future of AW - MP
L Knight


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