Jun 23, 2007

Victory From The Jaws of Defeat...

I'm just as surprised as you are about this turn of events.

Neocube graciously offered to renew the world and also went through a lot of convincing to get me to agree to it. If nobody yet knows, I have been assigned to another project outside of Active Worlds so I will be fairly scarce. Neocube is the new world owner, and has placed me as second in charge and Brina as Head of Security.

Other than that, nothing to really report, other than Windows Vista is pretty good so far (but still annoying) and Active Worlds seems to run like crap on it. This coming from a guy with a brand new laptop and a Gigabyte of RAM with a new Graphics Card and all the updates.

Hope AWI works out the quirks...

I heard the Cy Awards are gonna happen this year as well, maybe in October. At the moment, it seems like a cool idea, but honestly I'm personally done shooting for a Cy Award.

Neocube and I had a nice long talk about what we would like to do with the VR5 World for the next year and the jury is out at the moment. So I guess we all take a vacation and do this day to day.

I'll post some things in here as I get the time, but for now, let's take some time and reflect :)

Enjoying Summer Vacation - Darian Knight


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