Jun 18, 2008

Recent Advancements

Things have been quiet on the home front as of lately. Rest assured there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

Water Testing

System testing has been completed for the first phase of our optimized water grid. There now exists the beginnings of the Shader 2.0 as well as the Shader 3.0 water grid, and we are busy making adjustments to the existing implementations in order to make them as good as we can get them for varying hardware configurations.

A great deal of effort is being put forth in order to ensure that we achieve the absolute best balance between looks and speed at this stage, while also making certain the advancements are capable of running on the widest amount of hardware. As it stands, we have made great leaps forward in our ability to project a sustainable water grid - with a total amount of rendered triangles on screen ranging upwards of 350,000 on average.

From this point onward, we will be making arrangements to make adjustments in order to modify the water grid system further and to increase it's speed and stability going forward.

Current screenshots of the water systems are available publicly in our forums should you wish to see them for yourself.

With the water grid system in place, we can move forward in merging the existing spherical planetary and atmosphere systems with it, thusly forming our first planet.

During this time, we ask that our patrons remain patient as we make such arrangements. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are behind schedule, although we are quickly gaining ground in a unified effort to catch up once more.

At this time, no ballpark figures will be released as to when we will be able to allow our patrons and participating interested corporations to enter and eventually purchase worlds of their own, although we do make assurances that we are progressing on a modified schedule.

First an foremost in our efforts is the promise that our system shall be a true advancement over anything currently existing today. As such, we are very concerned with making certain that every sub-system in our platform is performing at absolute optimum ability prior to release.

We thank you for your patience, and ask that you understand our concerns, as they are concerns on your behalf in releasing this next-generation platform for your use.


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