Feb 22, 2009

For Those About To Rock...

Arithmetic Coding is quite possibly one of the most interesting ideas we've come across for losless file compression in the P3P Brightnet. Not only would this encoding be lossless, but it would reduce an entire file down to a single decimal number.

It may be possible to reduce a 10MB file down to 1MB or lower with this, thus drastically increasing the transfer times over the P3P Network and making it that much more efficient. Of course it all depends on how the algorithm is set up for the filetype compression.

In highest probability, we would have to have a talk with IBM concerning their standing patent on a certain type of Arithmetic Coding, and maybe strike a deal for licensing if possible. But from what we are reading, some of the patent holders do not charge a fee, so we'd have to look into their terms closely before we decide if this is the way to go.

As it stands, the P3P BrightNet system is by far more than adequate to handle the files and traffic, so the arithmetic coding algorithm would act as just an overkill scenario.

Just as a heads up, no it's not a typo. We really do mean P3P and not P2P or the soon to be P4P (which is pretty useless). P3P BrightNet is the term used for the Andromeda3D Network Backbone and is more efficient than normal P2P while also being better capable than even P4P. Keep in mind that this P3P BrightNet is not going to be falling into the hands of an ISP anytime soon. In an effort to remain neutral with P2P sharing and routing, we're building the protocols and rulesets into the browser so that it will automatically handle the traffic without intervention from the ISP or from A3D as a company.


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