Jul 2, 2009

On Complexity...

There is something to be said about the absolute complexity of building a virtual worlds environment platform from scratch. You never really understand where the process will take you until you begin down different paths, but as long as you understand the guiding factors in your ultimate decisions, you will always drift forward with a clear understanding of every element.

One of these complexity issues happens to be our biggest concern while designing and implementing Andromeda3D, in that we are actively seeking a solution to a problem which no other virtual worlds environment company has dared, let alone even acknowledges in this industry.

Of course, we're speaking about the glass ceiling issue with simultaneous users within a virtual environment.

I personally don't care how much funding you have, how many programmers are coding away diligently, or how great your hype machine is. If you refuse to acknowledge the elephant in the room, you are doomed to failure. It isn't a matter of if, but when, as you one day realize the system you built is constantly failing under the weight of the popularity you've created for it, and there is nothing you can do short of tearing out the entire system and starting again. But since you are unable to rip the carpet out from your now paying customer population, we have no choice but to continually apply duct tape to your collapsing system as it slowly spirals into its grave.

Virtual worlds for business is an excellent idea, but not one which is fully matured. As it stands, the technologies on offer today do not meet the demands of a full scale event and are nothing more than a trivial side show compared to packed convention centers housing 50,000 people.

This is what we're working on solving. We like to ask the unthinkable question; "What if all 50,000 people could attend a virtual location with little to no detrimental effects?"

We're calling the elephant in the room out of hiding, acknowledging it exists, and taking steps to solve the issue that hundreds of millions of dollars and some of the brightest minds on this planet refused to acknowledge. We're doing this because we hate leaving people out of the loop, or telling them "We're sorry, this simulator is full.. come back later"

That is unacceptable, and we're doing everything in our power to make it right.


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