May 19, 2010

Why Diaspora Will Win

There has been considerable news in the technology area concerning a new initiative for social networking named (aptly) diaspora. From the site, diaspora is explained as:

The privacy aware, personally controlled, do-it-all distributed open source social network.
Why would this early start-up have a fighting chance in the 21st century? Simply because these individuals are young enough to understand the nature of accelerating returns, open source tactics, empowerment to the individuals, and also (more importantly) that they understand that your information in the future should not be centralized or controlled by a single entity for which you have no say.

A conversation very recently between myself and Kat2 Kit in SecondLife raised the issue that places like Facebook have no regard for personal information or privacy, as their means of income is based entirely from the exploitation of that information to the highest bidder. It is this reason that initiatives like diaspora will quickly prevail over Facebook and other social network services as the defacto standard for personal zeitgeist.

Introducing diaspora. Power to the people.

Whether this revolution includes diaspora or another like it is irrelevant at this point. Diaspora is the tipping point that will usher in the new age.


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