Jul 7, 2016


Hello blogger, my old friend…





As it has become obvious, I have taken an extended hiatus from blogging on the A3D site in order to pursue other projects and clear my mind for subjects to write about going forward.


I would like to extend a sincere apology for the abrupt departure after the December post The Gathering: Of Scissors, Candy and Conversation but it was unavoidable.


If all goes well, and my chaotic schedule normalizes, I would like to return to this blog and continue writing on a regular basis, A heartfelt thanks to those who have remained subscribed in my absence is in order, without you (my readers) I would be merely writing into the void. Though I’ve always written as though this were the case, regardless.


Please remain patient as I reorganize priorities and put this blog back on track (hopefully) bringing to you more of my musings and ramblings about the virtual reality industry and related materials in technology. I will note, however, that this will not only be my focus in writing.


Sometimes I just have some random thought experiments I’d like to explore further, some science fiction and fiction I’ve been working on, as well as a lot of interesting books I’ve been reading which I’d like to write commentary, and so this will also become the norm (if it hasn’t already over the years).


No, the blog isn’t “dead” so to speak.


Yes, I will be returning “soon” to pick up where we have left off.


~ Will




The reports of my death have been exaggerated…




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