Mar 2, 2006

The Hybrid Browser

Some would say that the purpose of Firefox as a browser is to close the numerous security holes found in Internet Explorer. Security holes like the use of Active X to embed programs that could possibly malicious in nature. Really, what Firefox does is it understands that while the possibility of malicious code on your computer via some form of loophole in Internet Explorer is possible - they simply remove the option altogether to eradicate any possibility of the end-user running malicious ActiveX.

So what if you actually want to run an ActiveX program that you know is from a trusted company? And let's go a little further and say, what if you want to have control over your own decisions and choose which sites should be allowed to run ActiveX and which should not?

Believe it or not, there is an option for all firefox users, and it doesn't involve firing up the Internet Explorer browser (which is large and clunky). It's called Firefox IE Tab and is availible at

Using this extension, Firefox users can now choose to view a webpage rendered in Firefox using Firefox or by Internet Explorer with a single click. This comes in handy when trying to see the Active Worlds embed on a website, like the one used on the VR5 Online website. It doesn't make any claims that running ActiveX will be safe, which is why this option is for people who are confident in the decisions they are making with such content.

At least with this plugin there is no longer such a thing as "This website designed for" or "This only works with [browser name]". You can use a single browser to view all content :)

We believe that this is quite possibly one of the best FireFox plugins availible (other than FasterFox) and is a definite must for avid cruisers of the Internet.


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