Mar 28, 2006

Nextin Public Beta!

Indeed it looks basic when it starts up, but rest assured Nextin is a definite step up from our original website as well as a faster and more streamlined version of EVO. On first glance, you see what looks like a desktop with a few menu options at the top - clean cut and ready to go. As with everything we do, there is alot more than meets the eye going on underneath it all.

Nextin is the successor to our original EVO Desktop and is much faster than it's original. Here you will find The beginning of something great (this is only a beta after all) with the following familiar menus: Programs, Documents, Online Email and Options. The programs menu contains links to Metaverse, Games, AIM and even the original Media Player (windows). Documents is where you will find the HTML version of the website, Latest updates, And a downloads folder where we place links to random downloads that are free for you :) The Online Email menu is self explainitory and features a handful of most common online emails.

The last menu (for now) contains Settings, Help and Search. Settings allows you to effectively choose a background for the website (which is cool) and it also does something else: It saves this setting for later. Set the desktop background and when you come back to our site later - it'll be the way you left it. We are working on integrating this preference save for the rest of the website (like menu docked or undocked and maybe even saving the open windows and positions). Also in the works: we are cleaning up the interface more and also allowing for themes.

The Help option is a quick overview of Nextin and how it works (still needs some polishing in the literary department), and Search is a Google search box. Now, another handy feature here is that all of the windows are draggable around the view area (just like a normal GUI).

Later in the development, we plan on bringing back the rest of the original programs we had availible from EVO (so expect a more robust programs menu) as well as some new additions. The 3D Login from our original site is still availible under Programs ->Metaverse

By the way: The Windows Media Player popup you see in the picture actually is running in Firefox. You want this ability as well? No problem! Scoot over to and search for IE Tab. It'll allow Firefox to run pages you specify using the Explorer engine (but not having to load the entire browser). It's pretty neat to have a hybrid browser :)


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