Jan 8, 2008

Andromeda Media Universe

With the rapid developments in our Prometheus project, and now this new website to cater to it, we would like to welcome everyone who has been following the research of VR5 Online for the past few years.

Andromeda Media Universe is the outcome of our previous efforts, codenamed Prometheus, and is an advanced virtual universe system designed based from our years of research in VR5 Online as well as our findings from the VR5 World in the Active Worlds universe.

While Andromeda Media Universe is not available for download as of yet, we will be using this website as our main information outlet for all things concerning Andromeda. Within the next few months we are looking to launch a closed beta test of this system for a group of selected individuals in order to better accommodate our most valued asset - you.

Any and all information available for this project will be posted on this site, and nowhere else, so please bookmark this website and check back often as we get all of the media features for this site online.

In Other News

For those who have contacted us concerning the decommissioning of the VR5 Online server and domain, we would like to thank you for your ongoing support for our efforts. The VR5 server and domain were actively decommissioned in order to reappropriate our efforts solely to Andromeda Media Universe going forward.

For many, this means that the original links for things like Metaverse EX are no longer valid and for others this means that our famous Object Path is no longer available for use in your world. We apologize for this, and would like to point to our current downloads section for the Andromeda site which is the new home of both the Metaverse EX browser as well as the Twilight Toolbar.

AW2EX conversion is no longer available and has been discontinued, as well as the AWHighRes installer. Again, we apologize for this turn of events, though in the future we may re-release the AWHighRes download package as a legacy download.

Current development for Metaverse EX is now halted, and the current version is considered EX Final. There are no future plans to continue this browser's development.

Stay tuned to this website for future developments, media, and downloads as we progress with this project. If you are interested in being added to our Beta team, please contact us at darianknight@gmail.com

Coming to Terms with the Evil That Is AJAX -
Darian Knight


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