Jan 17, 2008

Pre-Registration is Officially Open!

Ok, not the most exciting news to be heard, but it's a step in the right direction.

Located on the main page is the link for the pre-registration process. Clicking it will pop up a form for you to fill out (unless you're running some sort of pop up blocker, then disable it).

This isn't a sign up for Beta, by the way, but a pre-registration process to collect all of the interested people in advance. All of the forms submitted during this pre-registration will be used later to determine who will be allowed to participate in our closed beta for Andromeda Media Universe, so be sure to fill out the form accurately as well as give us your best explanation about why you feel you should be included in this group.

Submitting this form will not guarantee a spot in the beta team, as the openings are limited.

Do your best to tell us about yourself, and hope to see you in the Universe when it's time.

Best Regards -

Andromeda Media Universe Team


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