Apr 13, 2009

IE Inspired Rage

After a bit of a holiday rampage against Internet Explorer, we feel we've gotten the anger out of our systems.

Now, Internet Explorer 7 and earlier will see a link at the bottom of the page with the option to get Internet Explorer 8. In all seriousness, if you are still using IE 7 and earlier, you really should do yourself a favor and at the very least grab a copy of Internet Explorer 8.

While not our first choice here at Andromeda3D (being which would be Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, and pretty much anything except Internet Explorer) we would at least like you to stay up to date, not to mention there is marginally less wrong with IE8 versus IE7 and lower.

We're just saying...

In Other News

Fixed most of the errors with IE browsers and our website, with the exception of the curved corners on the text box. If you are using IE7 or lower, you're just going to have to deal without the fancy corners.

There is still more to come with this design so stay tuned as we continue to blow things up and put them back together again for your amusement.

Happy Holiday (Easter) if you're celebrating,

- The Management


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