May 11, 2009

So crazy it just might work... or not.

A couple of things on the plate lately, one of which is the 3D FTP system which is a scheduled component of Andromeda3D. Some recent testing shows that it is working but not stable enough to warrant a release to our beta team. There are still some things which need to be tweaked before that happens, but most of all we're going over the possibility of a total rewrite of the code via various programmers.

One such coder is our very own Director of Andromeda Labs, while the other programmers will remain unnamed in the spirit of competition. If you are part of our Beta Team in the forums, sound off and let the Director of Andromeda Labs know if you would like to see this component made and released for testing.

In other News

The current website design for Andromeda3D actually has a new and improved version in the works, but we're having trouble staying inspired for the final design. We've been scouring the entire Internet looking for some type of inspiration to fuel us into creativity, but we're not really having any luck.

Website design in general has put a black cloud over us lately, partially due to the web itself seeming redundant with designs. There doesn't seem to be any real innovation with interfaces, and the typical navigation bar/content area is wearing thin on us. When we build the next design, we want it to be something fresh and intuitive, not to mention creative and inspired.

Now, we know we're talking in corporate paradigm buzzwords, but for some reason this can't seem to be helped when looking for inspiration with what we hope for the new design. We do apologize for the inconvenience of having to read the corporate buzzwords, and we'll try to think of something better to describe it next time.

- The Management


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