Jun 26, 2010

Tame Those Sculpties! (Second Life)

Ok, with the updates on Viewer 2 I've noticed that Sculpties tend to have a hard time rezzing correctly. If you're one of those people in-world who are afflicted with Sculptie Dysfunction (it's treatable, I swear!) then read on:

Simply crack open the Debug Settings (located in Advanced menu)

  • Getting the Advanced menu to show up: Press CTRL ALT D
Then Type in the Debug Box: RenderVolumeLODFactor

You'll then see the following:

Chances are, it's set to something really low, like 1.25 which would be the problem with the sculpties not rezing correctly. Simply set that number to at least 4 in order to get the sculpties to load up the way the digital gods intended.

Enjoy the quick fix!


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