Oct 6, 2010

Oct 7th 2010 Metanomics Community Forum

MCF: Future of Virtual Worlds in E-Commerce | Will Burns

Every Thursday at 12 p.m. SLT
At The Metanomics Studio in Second Life

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From Jennette Forager in Second Life:

Aeonix Aeon popped up on my friends list recently and I discovered that his recent absence from Second Life was due the pressures of authorship.

Join us to chat with Virtual Worlds Expert, Technology Trend Forecaster and Founder of Andromeda Media Group, Aeonix Aeon [Will Burns,] a really interesting person to talk to about virtual worlds and how they are/will affect our lives.

You can join us in Second life for this event or watch it on our web site: www.Metanomics.net where it will be streamed live from the Studio.

SecondLife Icon PNG SLURL: http://bit.ly/MCForum

The Metanomics Community Forum takes place every Thursday at 12pm SLT/ PST in Second Life at the Metanomics Studio.


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