Nov 9, 2016


Somebody just saved the world.


So it’s the aftermath of the 2016 elections and we’re now welcoming (begrudgingly) our new commander in chief, Donald J. Trump.


There are millions of people today pointing fingers, gnashing teeth, and highly upset that Hillary Clinton didn’t win. I’ve seen people on Twitter pointing the finger at people like me (and even directly) for not supporting Hillary Clinton to stop a Trump presidency.





I get it… I really do.


But let’s look at this reasonably for a minute.


I’d like to begin by saying that I am in no way a supporter of Clinton or Trump. You should already know that from my last post. They are both psychopaths by definition. To make matters worse, I see a nation that went from Occupy Wall Street protests, against the 1% – the culture of greed, corruption, and destruction at the expense of the “99%”, to a nation that willingly supported the literal embodiment of everything it just got done saying was the problem with this country and the world while wholly ignoring options that were exactly the thing they wanted from those protests (candidates like Jill Stein).


I’m having a bit of a hard time trying to reconcile this disconnect from common sense in our general population.


But when we look at the bigger picture, I think things start adding up a bit more.


Let’s begin by saying – Trump didn’t actually win. For all the people going on about those who didn’t support Clinton enough to stop Trump, just stop… you’re making yourselves look bad.


Hillary Rodham Clinton actually had the popular vote, and still lost. Which is to say, the public did support her in overwhelming numbers which should have been (in any other election) a guaranteed path to victory.


There was literally nothing you or I could have done to influence that further. It wasn’t the vote that counted in this election, or influenced it. It wasn’t lack of popular support at all. So please stop pointing fingers at people and trying to blame them for getting Trump elected. It’s an idiotic and tired argument.


The reason Donald J. Trump is now President of the United States of America has absolutely nothing to do with yours or my votes. He won because of the Electoral College, which is to say that the electoral college stepped in and overrode the majority vote against the will of the people.


I’m not really sure the reality of what just happened has set in with anyone. Let me spell it out a little clearer for you:


Tens of millions of popular votes definitively supporting a candidate enough to have gotten her elected as the next President of the United States were just negated against the popular will of the people.


For all of the people patting themselves on the back for voting Trump, you can stop now. Your vote had nothing to do with it. If it did, he would have lost because he didn’t have enough votes to beat Hillary legitimately. In fact, nobody’s vote actually counted except those cast by the Electoral College. People you don’t know, and who weren’t elected or selected by you, just cancelled your votes.



What the F@#K Just Happened?


As I was saying in my prior post, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are psychopaths. Both exhibit a majority of the behaviors in the 20 point checklist to define what a psychopath is.


But only one of those two psychopaths were genuinely dangerous to the world.






The intelligence community on the whole, knew how bad Hillary Clinton actually was, and continually tried to warn the American public by leaking all of those emails to show us. It wasn’t Russia… it was our own Intelligence Community (FBI and CIA) staging a coup for the greater good.


Unfortunately, the problem is that no matter what they released – the American public simply refused to believe it, and their boss (Comey) in conjunction with the Department of Justice (Loretta Lynch) were both in the pocket of Hillary, and so no matter how bad the evidence was, no matter how blatant it was, no matter how much of a monster Clinton turned out to be – with direct evidence to prove it, Clinton was effectively shielded from repercussion all the way up to the current standing President (Barack Obama).


In the position that they were in, the corruption went all the way to the top (literally), and their hands were tied. At least, in the more obvious ways.


I don’t blame the entire FBI or CIA for being in the pocket of Clinton… just the higher ups that made the final decision. But that leaves an entire agency of intelligence community that were looking at this information and knowing full well what was going on, and having their hands tied about doing anything about it.


They were stuck sitting there watching a nightmare come true, and being made powerless to stop it. They were staring down a complete and total corporate coup against the American people.


In the bigger picture, the intelligence community was hoping it would be enough to present the blatant corruption and criminal activity to the public and have the general public change their mind. In effect, the FBI and DOJ were being held hostage by Clinton – unable to do anything because she had them by the balls (so to speak).


In a way, I would likely say that Clinton had them “under heel” because she was blackmailing them or had enough sway over key players to ruin their careers and lives. This also explains why Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren suddenly joined forces with Hillary Clinton out of left field; We’re talking about two politicians that have spent their entire career literally opposing the very corruption that Hillary Clinton represented.


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren have even (on multiple occasions) absolutely opposed Hillary Clinton and pointed out how corrupt and criminal she actually is.


That being said, the rabbit hole went a lot deeper, and I don’t think the general public really appreciates what just happened. If anything, we as a general population, should actually be thanking the FBI and CIA for overriding the popular vote and making Trump our next president.


I know… you just read that and grabbed the gasoline to burn down this blog. But hold up a minute and hear me out. I don’t support Trump (remember?).


The FBI and CIA literally just saved the world.



Whatch’a Talking ‘Bout, Will?


It is a common fact that the intelligence community knows a hell of a lot more about the real situation in the world than we, the public, likely ever do. What we think is going on is often just a fabricated story for the public while what is actually going on is kept behind closed doors (normally).


You can see this in a movie called Lord of War, which is probably the only Nicholas Cage movie I liked. Lord of War was actually based on a true story.


Allow me to show you how the world really works, sunshine.



Welcome to the real world…




Yes, this is exactly how the real world works, kids… Some of the most ridiculously over the top criminals are in a position of power whereby they simply cannot go to jail. If anything, they are routinely rewarded by the highest positions in the world to continue doing that job.


It’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s just how the real world works.


The job of the president is effectively to continue the illusion of choice, and keep people pre-occupied and divided. Throw the population a bone now and then, but behind closed doors it’s business as usual. The entire point is just to keep the citizens of the country complacent and distracted.


Of course, sometimes… you run into somebody who goes a little mad with power and jeopardizes the entire system. There is such a thing as too much corruption because if you are willing to abuse every conceivable method to take total control, and are willing to instigate going to war with Russia and China, which in turn would likely lead to our entire obliteration… well then you’ve actually gone too far.


You don’t threaten the entirety of humanity and the United States with the abuse of power, and that’s exactly what Hillary Clinton was doing.


The average citizen of the United States seems to be completely oblivious to the actual situation that unfolded in this election.


Let me spell it out:


Hillary Clinton was going to start World War III, with Russia and China.


This was actually a concerted effort starting with George W. Bush and the Iraq War after 9/11. Which again, I hate to tell you, actually was an inside job. It’s no more implausible than knowing that the United States government intentionally allowed Japan to attack Pearl Harbor and didn’t warn anybody for the sole purpose of convincing America to join the World War (which we were staunchly opposed to). This is how easily manipulated the general public actually is.


The entire path to Syria is/was premeditated.


This should be obvious if you listen to General Wesley Clark…



Premeditated War



But the reason given to General Wesley Clark was “I don’t know”.


Of course they didn’t know. Legitimately. Because they weren’t making the calls, just following the orders.


The real reason we went into Libya to assassinate Ghaddafi was simply because he was the head of the African Union and was proposing the Gold Dinar as a standard currency disconnected from the United States Dollar. Which in turn would have been the nail in he coffin for the United States, because in the Middle East, all it would take is for OPEC nations to adopt the Gold Dinar for Oil, and the Petrol Dollar collapses overnight.


This is the thing that General Wesley Clark didn’t know at the time, but he was partially correct about only being out there to secure the oil.


Who do you think was involved when Ghaddafi was assassinated?


Yep. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


And there we have it…


Were there terrorists? Well, it depends on your perspective. The only thing Ghaddafi was guilty of was challenging the United States Dollar by being a sovereign country.


It’s easier to topple those regimes, however and that’s exactly why we chose them in the first place. It’s also the reason we don’t dare go anywhere near North Korea – because they have nukes and aren’t afraid to use them. Unfortunately our “easy” target of Syria became a problem when Syria (not being completely stupid about actual global politics and seeing what we’ve already been doing out there) invited Russia to help them out in the conflict and not the United States. The only country the United States isn’t so eager to get into a war with (aside from China)… which put the plan to go into Syria on the back burner, or should have.


If we got into a war with Russia, they would absolutely destroy us. The reason being is that they are allies with China, and the combined might of those two countries poses an actual threat to the United States.


Syria, pretty much just saved themselves from the United States bullies.


Problem is, Hillary Clinton didn’t think this was a problem at all and still insisted on getting involved with Syria (No-Fly Zone). So to her, this was business as usual, even though the intelligence community knew we needed to do a full stop to avoid total obliteration.



Common Sense


Which is to say, we might be arming the world… we might be corrupt and always at war as a business opportunity, but even the most corrupt people in the government know it’s bad for business to risk obliterating themselves and everyone on earth just to make some money. There is a common sense limit, however ridiculously corrupt that limit is – it doesn’t include mutually assured destruction. You can’t spend the money if everyone is dead.


Hillary didn’t seem to take the hint.


Absolute power had corrupted her absolutely, and she was ready to march us into total decimation.


As the General above states: instituting a No-Fly Zone wouldn’t require going to war with Russia and Syria… actually enforcing it would.


This was even relayed by Vladimir Putin himself in the World Economic Forum, in no uncertain terms:



Blatantly clear…


When Vladimir Putin himself is warning the United States, it’s time to back off and take a chill pill. But not Hillary!




But why Trump!?



Because they needed to choose a candidate that wouldn’t raise suspicion if they elevated them to win. If they went with Jill Stein, it would immediately be suspicious because she was around 5% and it wasn’t plausible for her to win, let alone the Electoral College to vote for her.



GOP 2016 Trump


So they chose Donald Trump.


At this point it’s probably not such a bad idea to be on good terms with Russia, now is it? And now that Donald Trump is President, we’re on good terms with Russia again.


World War III averted.


Thanks to a bunch of unknown FBI and CIA operatives who had the guts to cut Hillary off at the pass through the Electoral College.


That being said, I’ve used the whole “they” pronoun and alluded to the FBI and CIA the entire time, but curiously (if you were paying attention), I also began this post with a picture of Anonymous.


Well, it’s because I believe there is an obvious connection to be made.


Before the election, Anonymous on their Facebook page made it a deliberate point to start supporting Donald Trump, even though Anonymous doesn’t necessarily agree with most of what Donald Trump stands for. In all actuality, Donald Trump is pretty much the embodiment and personification of everything that was opposed during Occupy Movement, which Anonymous was very happily supporting.


If you were to look at their website you’ll notice that Anon has no love of Hillary Clinton. But that isn’t necessarily an endorsement of Trump… Remember, Anonymous was there during Occupy and so the ideal of that mentality would have been represented by Jill Stein or Bernie Sanders… So what gives?


Well, when you think of Anonymous, you probably just think of a bunch of hackers in a basement someplace – some disenfranchised millennials. But the idea of Anonymous is that it could be anyone, anywhere.


As a collective, Anonymous has been getting alarmingly more sophisticated (and seemingly precognitive) in predicting what is about to happen.


There has (also) been the inclination that maybe Anonymous had been “infiltrated” by the FBI or CIA. But what if… what if members of the CIA and FBI were actually participants of Anonymous for the greater good?


I think that would explain a hell of a lot.


See also Lord of War. Plausible deniability for doing things well outside of the law, but things that needed to happen in order to combat the corruption ongoing which had a total disregard and immunity from the very same laws.


And so, Anonymous becomes the effective go-to hive mind when shit needs to get done in the intelligence agency, and the intelligence agency feeds Anonymous with just enough information to be effective.


Therefore, you suddenly see warnings from Anonymous about WW3 on their site, youtube channel etc… and very anti-Clinton. But we know Anon aligns better with Occupy Wall Street than actually aligned with Wall Street…


So it was a strategic maneuver to elect Trump in order to effectively save the world from total annihilation at the hands of Hillary Clinton.


The up side to this is that Jill Stein did get 5% of the vote this time around, which (by election laws) means the Green Party is declared a minor party and given ten million dollars in funding to work with for the next election.


I think in the grand scheme of things, if we wanted to save the world in the long run and implement all those progressive values we were protesting for and supported wildly in Bernie Sanders… we had to make sure that there was a planet left to work with in that future.


Short term loss, long term gain.


Checkmate, Hillary Clinton.


Let’s hope Trump isn’t as much of an idiot as he makes himself out to be, or else all of this was for naught and we’ll be right back to marching down the road to oblivion again.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel like I need to go download those Playboy photos of our new First Lady.





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