Dec 7, 2016

The Evolution of Virtual Worlds

A brief overview @ OSCC this Saturday


This Saturday @ 10am PST in Keynote 1
Open Simulator Community Conference





It can be said that I have a very excellent ability to see the writing on the wall and predict the trends before they happen when it comes to various things.


After all, I predicted that the Cubs would win the World Series this year (and how it would happen), I’ve predicted that real world locations would become sponsored locations for mobile gaming to entice players to visit (Pokemon GO), and even in a comprehensive report for Sears Holding Company that the future of retail is Zero Barrier (everything is tagged and automatically scanned just by walking out with it) which Amazon is now testing in live physical stores.


So you can imagine that I get asked the sixty-four thousand dollar question about the future of the Metaverse quite a lot…



SLIDE 01 - Questions



While I can't get into a comprehensive presentation or cover all the talking points in 20 minutes (because, let's face it... we've been at this for many years and still haven't hit all the bases yet), I've chosen to highlight a handful of trends that I think are important and will change the entire paradigm of interaction for the Metaverse.


I will, however, be on a later panel that same day (3pm PST) where I'm sure more will come up, and I'll be available via my booth at Expo 3 for a sit down discussion if you'd like.


I look forward to seeing you there!


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