Dec 16, 2016

The Poseidon Aquarium

Anything else is just a fish-tank in #SecondLife


Poseidon Aquarium - Main Image



Price: 400 L$

Permissions: Copy | No Mod | No Trans


Available Here:



Full Featured Aquarium at a Reasonable Price


I’d like to formally introduce you to one of the most sophisticated aquariums in Second Life. It looks like any ordinary fish-tank, but that’s the point. The Poseidon Aquarium is based off of a real life aquarium tank, right down to the most trivial of details.


This aquarium is partially made in mesh, with the back filter being entirely custom made with materials and sound (you know, that familiar sound an aquarium makes?)


Poseidon Aquarium - Materials & MeshThe surface water is animated with a subtle ripple, while even the gravel was lovingly custom made in mesh and textured with the highest quality. But we didn’t stop there…


Click the hood of the unit and you’ll be presented with a full menu of options, from pre-loaded backgrounds to a large selection of built-in gravel colors.


And yet, we weren’t finished.


Is the background not to your liking? We’ve even included the ability to use your own by selecting [Custom] from the menu, whereby you can insert the UUID of whatever background you want to have for your aquarium.


With a high attention to details, we’ve even made the light a working option with that all familiar “click” when you hit the switch. But we didn’t simply make a light that turns on and off (because that would be too easy). No, we went one further and made sure that the light in the Poseidon Aquarium actually fades the tank to dark and light when activated.


Poseidon Aquarium - Subtle CausticsOver the gravel, you may also notice built in animation for light rippling around (because that’s how light works with water) and this should give you an idea about just how focused we were in creating this aquarium.


And yet, there’s still more.


Fancy feeding those fish in your new fish tank? We’ve included that option built into the menu as an effect. Clicking the button will randomly drop fish food into the tank while you watch the flakes randomly drift into the water.


Of course, we didn’t stop there. No, when we set out to build this aquarium, our goal was simply to create something that addressed all the issues we thought all of the competition were lacking at the time.


Sure, you can spend over 1,400 L$ on a pre-made aquarium but that seems a little high priced for something you really can’t customize. Likewise, you can also spend 50L$ on other fish-tanks as well, but they aren’t as feature packed as the Poseidon Aquarium. Isn’t the fun of owning an aquarium making it your own by customizing it? From choosing the fish, to how you decorate your aquarium, we found all the other options lacking.


Even when it came down to the stand that the aquarium sits on, we custom designed it to be a perfect compliment to your Poseidon Aquarium with built in texture changer for four wood types (it’s not a flat texture like most aquariums in SL).


Poseidon Aquarium - Texture Change Stand (512)

With an easy to use interface built into the side of the stand, you can easily identify what color you’re choosing in a visual manner. With a single click, it’ll change over.


Simple as that.


And yet, we still continued to add attention to detail. For instance, the front of the tank itself has a temperature strip attached for authenticity.


The volume of the ambient sound (filter and water) can also be changed from the main menu, and even muted if you so desire.



  • 9 Built-In Backgrounds + Custom Option
  • 12 Built-in Gravel Types
  • Working Light & Ambient Sound
  • Partial Mesh
  • Volume Control
  • Fish Food Animation
  • Texture Change Stand
  • Endless combinations!


Poseidon Aquarium - DetailAbout the only thing the Poseidon Aquarium doesn’t come with are the fish and decorations. It is at this point you’re probably scratching your head and asking “Why would the aquarium that has everything not have fish and decorations?”


Well the answer is simple.


We really did think about this while it was being made, and we asked ourselves what one of the best things about owning an aquarium was? The answer is that you own an aquarium, but every aquarium is different… which is to say, aquarium owners are able to decorate it any way they want, put whatever fish they want into the tank and really make it theirs.


Maybe you want to own a Super Mario Brothers themed aquarium?



SMB Fish Tank


It’s completely doable with the Poseidon Aquarium set because we made it customizable and left the fish and decorations to you. We want to give our customers the freedom of expression while providing the most advanced aquarium that we can in the process.


Set the gravel color, use a Custom background, and make up some SMB props for your tank (which should take maybe twenty minutes if you’re in a rush). Add a few fish to your tank and viola!


Want to go into business making aquarium props for the Poseidon Aquarium set? Go right ahead! We’ll probably be releasing some sets of our own over time, but we’re more than happy if you did as well.


How about a 3D background in Mesh?



Aquarium 3D Background



Sure, why not… right?


They sky is the limit with the Poseidon Aquarium, and we look forward to seeing how you have made it your own.



What Kind of Fish Do You Own?


You’re probably wondering about this, and you have every right to. After all, most aquariums on marketplace that come with “fish” are really just a fish texture on a prim spinning in a circle or keyframe animated (or even a particle emitter). Of the sculpted and mesh fish out there, most will tell you that they swim in Linden Water. So what are you to do?


Believe it or not, we’re big fans of the *SnoWStylZ* brand of fish for the Poseidon Aquarium. They are fully sculpted, low impact, and scripted to move around like… well… fish. Chrom Snook has done a wonderful job with these (and the many other types of) fish offered via the SnoWStylZ store on Marketplace.


For a mere 80 L$, you can fill your tank with excellent looking fish.


SnoWStylZ Store:







Where Do I Find Those Books?


Another excellent question. All of the books (and more) shown in the product images on the shelf are available from our store:


The Universal Book Prop 



Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter C_001Each comes with a held version and a shelf prop included, so you can use it on the go and have a copy sitting on your shelves at home.


As of this writing, we have 22 classic books available for purchase (50L$) and they are all functional props – meaning that clicking on them will allow you to rad the book online, download an epub version, and even an audiobook version if it is available.


This fully functional and highly customizable aquarium set is used in my own home in Yarnia, which is where the product pictures are taken.




Additional Details


Land Impact


Aquarium: 12
Stand: 6
Fish Food: 1


* The Poseidon Aquarium is (unfortunately) not compatible with the *SnoWStylZ* Fish feeding system, as we actually have no idea how it is implemented to talk to the fish from the creator. This is easily remedied (however) by setting your SnoWStylZ fish to “Holiday” mode so you don’t have to feed them. Maybe in the future (if Chrom Snook would allow) we can make our Aquarium Feeding effect actually feed their fish properly. This is on our list of things to look into proper in the first quarter of 2017.





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