Feb 6, 2006

City of Nidus: Part Two

Updated the format for this section. Now availible from the right side panel are links for VR5 Online, Metaverse Download, Active Worlds Help, Games Folder, and our Radio Station (including the automated request feature).

The banner on the top of the page is new also, though not representative of the actual city in 3D (I can't even imagine the bandwidth a city like that would need).

Working on an updated version of the AIML page where you talk with our bot, Serena. Not really our priority (but users talking to her is a priority so we can gather AIML Datasets). Also in the works is the new website format, codenamed: NeXtin (NeXt Internet OS) which will be the upgrade for our current EVO Desktop format.

For those who love to pick stuff apart... it's not really an operating system. It's a desktop gui for a website, but will have working programs in flash, java and activex.

Been actively talking with professional 3D design companies for content and custom work, getting some prices together, window shopping accordingly. A photorealistic 3D Internet doesn't come cheap, ya know? Found some interesting high-def models with textures, contacted the creators to work out some of the details... for one, high definition usually comes in a large zip file. One of the avatars we have been looking at is about 11Mb in size, so we are looking into ways of getting the filesize down to a respectable 2mb or less for Internet users without turning it into frankenstein...

Rest assured, we are still working the kinks out, but have every intention of introducing more photorealistic objects in world to replace the low res "placeholders". Generally that's the entire plan. We built the first version of the city layout fully expecting to delete and replace the buildings with high resolution versions - so when you see the same tree for the thousandth time, remember it's just a placeholder till we get our hands on the photoreal versions. The same thing goes for the vast majority of the world... it's all just placeholders for optimized and photoreal versions.

And one other thing... there is a good chance that this page will be unavailible for about an hour today between 7pm and 8pm PST -ish... no worries, it's a planned outage.


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