Feb 11, 2006

Wells Fargo "Stagecoach Island" Irks Some Residents of Second Life

Originally Written by Tony Walsh of Clickable Culture

An experiment by financial giant Wells Fargo in the virtual world of
Second Life has come to an unfortunate end. The company's "Stagecoach Island" advergame project launched last September, but never moved beyond its testing stage in Second Life. Instead, as discovered this month, Wells Fargo's island was transplanted to a competing virtual environment known as Active Worlds. While the original island was built by contractors and volunteers from Second Life's resident community, the relocation in Active Worlds was a shock to the residents involved. While the core contractors have been paid for their work on the Second Life version of Stagecoach Island, at least one contributor is still awaiting payment and another seems to have had their original work copied over to Active Worlds without permission.

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