Feb 4, 2006

Welcome to the City of Nidus!

Welcome, to the new addition for the City of Nidus :)

If you are new to this place, or are accessing this web log from a standard internet browser, you are probably wondering what you have just wandered into.

This is the new format for our 3D City Information page... yes we chose a truly digital format - the blog. When any changes or updates happen for the city or the software running it, this stuff will be posted here as we do it. No more signs at ground zero hogging space and certainly no more common web pages that can easily be outdated.

Whenever something important happens (or even mildly interesting) in our city - this is the place to look :)

Now, for the tourists to our city:

Welcome! Nidus is a self proclaimed city of the future - a fully three dimensional community where you can chat, build, play games and even shop. And not just alone, either! Here you will find a diversity all it's own, as you are presented with literally hundreds of worlds to explore with multitudes of people to interact with.

This isn't a game - though we have plenty of them in here (we call these arcades too), and the environment is as open ended as the wikipedia...

Have a look around, enjoy yourself :) Soon we will be updating this information source to include useful links to online sources (help files), downloads and even our radio station :)

Please keep in mind that the City of Nidus is officially "unrated". There is no censorship in here other than a person's ability to right click and mute offensive persons. By entering this city, just like a real city, you understand that anything goes and we will not be held responsible for content you are exposed to during your journey.

Nidus is a virtual city run by VR5 Online, LLC and is free to the public. Questions, comment and suggestions can be submitted to wburns@vr5-online.com


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