Feb 6, 2006

The World Wide Webaverse...

Depending on how you've reached this page, you could be wondering about it's origins and what it's on about. This web log is serving three purposes in an easy to update format. One, It is the update page for our 3D City, known as Nidus. Visitors to our world in 3D will soon see this page for updates across the entire system. Two, it also serves as the updates and news page for the company responsible for the 3D World, VR5 Online - replacing the original text file format we had before. And lastly, this page can be accessed directly from the internet at http://cityofnidus.blogspot.com

If you are viewing this page from our website (http://www.vr5online.com) you are expecting to see some form of help and updates. The same holds true for visitors of our world. Because these changes and updates effect each other in a very close knit way, everything having to do with the world and VR5 Online as a company will be posted in this web log.

Some days you may see something about models and textures for the city, while other times you may see posts about updates to the company itself or the 2D website. Other times, we may post an article about our industry that we feel would be of interest to our viewers. It's now all located in a single easy to read and update format.

I would also like to point out the ability to search these posts. Located at the top of this page you will find a blogger navbar that allows you to run a search for a topic in our posts. This may not totally be needed at the moment, as we have a few posts. But later on down the road, when we accumulate hundreds or thousands of posts, this will be a very effective means by which to find the information you are looking for.

This is just one of many updates to our overall look and functionaity for the company. We also welcome direct feedback to our posts (add comments). While we do not moderate these comments on a regular basis, we do filter through once and awhile to make sure our readers are not abusing the system.

Let us know what you think, and by all means enjoy your stay in our fair city of the future.


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