Feb 8, 2006

Mr Fancy-Pants

Well hello there, Mr Fancy Pants...

Today's entry is about our new roads :) And this time I have a couple of pictures to add so you can see the changes and the difference between the old roads and the new ones :) I submit to you, the public, a couple of pictures of our roads.

Of course, you are probably saying to yourself, "So what? The roads are not a big deal..." and I reply to you, "Wrong! The roads are a large majority of the world itself and are visible
most often."

The old roads in our city looked like this...

The new roads are photo textured and look like this...

In any event, the roads in our city are now using Photo Textures, so while these photos are just a lower resolution, the roads in the system look alot better. One of our visitors has said "I can actually see the cracks in the pavement and the detail in the yellow paint!"

Yes... yes you can. One thing this brings to mind is the idea that perfection is actually measured by planned imperfections in your builds. One of the reasons that virtual reality does not look realistic is because it is absolutely perfect in every manner. So you must introduce imperfections in your builds in order to increase it's perfection. Photo textures usually do this for you by being textures created from an imperfect world.

As times goes on, we will be replacing more and more things with phototextured ones and you will see the evolution (so to speak) of a 3D world.


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