Feb 4, 2006

Phototextures and AIML?

While normally these two things do not go together, in this aspect they do indeed make a great pairing.

We have started to do some photorealistic stuff for the city (starting with the roads) as well as began the public beta for the AIML bot in AW. While many of you may understand the part about the textures, the AIML may throw most of you for a loop.

Serena, our resident Xelgot Bot, is a conduit for an AIML chatterbot system that can hold a conversation. So instead of a standard bot in the client that can usually just say hello and whatnot, by clicking the sign above her head you get an AIML bot online that we are maintaining by which you will be able to hold a conversation with. As more people talk to her, the more we can teach her system and the smarter she gets.

A leap ahead for the AW community :) Right now she is in complete beta. This means that she is kind of intelligent, but there is always room for improvement. As our visitors talk with her, we will check and update her systems and allow her to learn answers to your questions.

How's that for an automated caretaker?

This is just a basic setup for now, as is our blog format for updates and news for the city - but we felt a few things should be let out of the bag ahead of schedule.

As for the phototextures? We are stockpiling media, objects and textures to update the world with over the next few months. Some things you will see in world immediately, but most are on the servers waiting for the big day :) We can't give everything away, now can we?

Look forward to the changes in the coming months...


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