Dec 7, 2007

Congratulations VR5 Team!

We would like to extend our congratulations to our own William Burns (Darian Knight) for bringing home the greatest award in Active Worlds Universe - the Cy Award, for his recreation of a BP Gas Station.

The Cy Award is the equivalent of receiving an Oscar in Virtual Reality and is the highest honor you can achieve. Once again, congratulations! The award was a dual award with Sabrina who also lent her helping hand in it's construction, which adds two Cy Awards to the total amount of awards in VR5 World.

Also Will and Wes recently won Best Build for AW Expo 2007, with their design and effects for their expo booth this year, making it two years in a row that they have won this award.

Here's looking to what surprises are in store for 2008. In the mean time, Happy Holidays from VR5 Online!