May 24, 2014

The Future of Communication

The Google Voice + Hangouts Transition


Ah yes, after that last post I’m sure you’ll be more than happy to read something less uncomfortable this go round. But before I get into today’s topic, let me make a quick recap of what the point (overall) was for the prior post.




Essentially what I was getting at was that we’re living in a world of international communication and a smaller “world” where borders don’t really matter. The problem is that there is a conflict between what the old separatist ways believe and the actual reality of the situation. Ergo, we live in a world where culture shock exists and what is taboo/illegal one place is perfectly fine and acceptable in another. If we’re going to move forward with our technology and global connectivity, we have to address this at the root by finding an acceptable middle ground for laws as well as helping to homogenize/normalize attitudes.


Ok, so that’s out of the way... and that leads us right into today’s subject of the future of communication. I know it may be hard to believe that a prior post about the adult entertainment industry and age of consent could have anything to do with Google... but the underlying theme that ties it together is simply the implications of ubiquitous and global communications.


There used to be a time when everything was separate applications. You’d use one program for VoIP (Skype, for instance), another for Text messaging (AIM, etc), another for email (Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc) and so on and so forth.


If you wanted to make phone calls, you had the local phone company for that and you’d have a “land line”. Sending SMS messages on your cell phone was it’s own service unto itself (and by god did the cell companies price gouge you).


As technology has progressed, all of these things have been moved over to a purely data service provider, but more curiously that each of those services are no longer in separate applications.





Take for instance the recent consolidation from Google to move all of the communications services into a single app, and that the same app is built into a social media system (Google+), which in turn is also interconnected across all services as a universal identity management and relevance dashboard.


This in turn interconnects everything that utilizes that identity dashboard, and brings all of those services and apps together so they can share relevant data and information about the person using them.


In this manner, for many years I’ve used Google Voice for a primary number and have had it forward calls on that number to a few other landlines and ultimately my tablet and cell phone. This is actually really useful as a service... As part of that, I also used another program on my tablet to connect with my Google Voice account so I could effectively make calls out from my tablet using the WiFi connection with VoIP.


So far, this is a great interconnection.


But alas, Google is transitioning and consolidating services into one communications system called Hangouts (which I don’t mind), but in that process things are still getting broken along the way. While that is the short term future of Google Voice, the obvious speculation is that at this year’s Google IO conference they will likely announce that the Voice Services have been/will be rolled into Hangouts as a ubiquitous all-in-one communications suite.


From 9to5Google:


We’ve heard that Google Voice is getting dragged to the trash can and most of its functionality will be incorporated into the G+ Hangouts apps on both Android and iOS. This has already happened to an extent with the ability to phone friends on Hangouts, but we’re hearing the full shuttering and depreciation of the app is the next step.


What’s interesting here is that VoIP-to-phones is expected to be integrated into the Hangouts iOS and Android apps so that, just like with the Web version, you could be able to actually make (and receive) VoIP calls directly from your Google phone number. Whether the carriers and Apple are okay with this isn’t certain, and the thought is that it could be enabled by carrier like Apple’s FaceTime (or could be scrapped altogether) depending on the global market and the carrier.


Google recently allowed Hangouts to take over the SMS functionality of Android phones, and as Android Police points out, the direction in which Google is trending seems to be pushing all telephony communications into Hangouts.




Minor Turbulence


When Google dropped XMPP functionality and disabled third party access to the Google Voice API, all of the apps on Android that let you dial out using your Google Voice number suddenly stopped working. The number one reason I loved those apps (and Google Voice) was the ability to just make calls from the computer or tablet directly.


However, now when I look at Google Voice, it just asks me what number (landline) I would like it to call in order to connect. So instead of just calling directly from the computer or tablet, I now have to have Google call a landline and then place the call from that landline to the number I requested. This essentially defeats the point of having a Google Voice number.





After all, why exactly would it be better to jump through the hoops of having Google Voice call a landline and then connect to the number I just tried to dial, when I could just as easily pick up the landline on its own and dial the number myself?


Effectively, Google Voice in this transition has been relegated to an overcomplicated program that dials your existing phone for you. Which essentially nobody actually needs...


That being said, I really do hope the trending is correct and that it’s just a stop-gap measure until they migrate all of those functions over to a unified hangouts app.



The Bright Side


That doesn’t mean, however, that Google Voice will wholly cease to exist in the coming months. They did say that as a separate service it will be phased out in the coming months, and that’s something I am fine with – in conjunction with the idea that they are more than likely to incorporate Google Voice directly into Hangouts as an All-In-One communications app.


Now, if I just have to open up Hangouts as an app, and it has all of those abilities built in -


  • VoIP calling
  • Video Calling (up to 10 people)
  • Text Chat
  • *VoIP –> Phone Calling
  • *SMS Text Messaging
  • *Voicemail & Transcription
  • *Call Forwarding
  • *Phone –> Hangouts Calling


Then I’m completely alright with this transition. As a matter of fact, that’s pretty much what I’m expecting to happen after the dust settles and the transition is completed. It’s going to get messy for awhile, and by god a lot of things are going to break for a bit... but I’m sticking around to see how it all plays out. But as 9to5Google points out in the image below, it seems like the very obvious thing that Google is up to right now.





The asterisks are indicating that those are things that Google Voice as a service historically has done, and so I’d like to see them rolled into Hangouts as an All-In-One communications app and service before I consider Hangouts as a comprehensive application for that. The last one (Phone –> Hangout Calling) is referring to what would happen when I used GrooveIP Lite on my Nexus 7 tablet (and still do) where if somebody called my Google Voice Number, my Tablet would also ring and I could take the call over WiFi through VoIP and GrooveIP as an app on my Tablet.


I could also call out via my tablet in the same sort of manner, pulling up a dial pad or my Google Contacts to place a call out to their phone using GrooveIP Lite. This is an extremely useful feature to have as a service, and so if Google weren’t rolling those functionalities into Hangouts I’d find myself pretty baffled and just a little pissed off in the short and long run.


Interestingly enough, the ability in that line-up would also be pretty cool if Hangouts itself (when you do voice and video hangouts online/mobile) could include people through their landline/cell phone to talk in the conference.


Rolling it all up into a single application makes sense, and then Voicemail & Transcripts get sent directly to Gmail instead of through a separate service. I already have Google Voice sending my voicemail transcripts and audio to Gmail so this seems like the sort of thing that they are very likely to be doing going forward.


In the meantime, the transition really sucks... as things get discontinued and broken leading up to moving it all together.


From my personal perspective, it would have been better to have started integrating the Google Voice features into Hangouts up front before cutting off Google Voice as a service. That way there would have been a better transition from point A to point B.



The Future of Communication




It’s a bumpy road as everything gets rolled into the All-In-One package of the future, and if they don’t roll Google Voice services and functionality into Hangouts, I’ll be seriously disappointed when they shut off Google Voice as a standalone service.


The future of communications is an app that can do it all, and is relevant across devices and systems. Whether I’m using my tablet, smart phone, Google Glass, smartwatch, laptop, etc... They should all just work together under the header of “Communications Suite”.


The Pebble SmartWatch (shown above) actually has been updated to support Hangouts notifications, so the bigger picture (I believe) is ubiquitous communications suite going forward.


I wouldn’t say for certain that’s what Google is up to with Google Voice and Hangouts, but it makes perfect sense. On the other hand, I think quite a lot of people will be left scratching their heads in confusion if Google just kills off Google Voice altogether and doesn’t integrate it into Hangouts at all.


But let’s be honest...


It’s far more likely that a place like Google, who is building a self-driving car and all sorts of futuristic gadgetry (GLASS, etc) is more likely to want to enable the Dick Tracy wristwatch than anyone else on the planet.


So I expect Google Voice just to be integrated into Hangouts, and then wearables to be able to tie into Hangouts (like smart watches) where the future will be essentially a more powerful version of Dick Tracy’s wristwatch. I would garner this thinking off of both the official Google blog post and the Computerworld post.


It’s just crazy enough that Google would do it in full force...


As stated in the Computerworld post:


Google's making no bones about the fact that it plans to merge Voice into Hangouts; this week's blog post, like the G+ hint before it, blatantly states that "Hangouts is designed to be the future of Google Voice." The blog also notes that making and receiving calls via Hangouts is "just the beginning" of the integration.


The good news, though, is that Google isn't planning to shut down any of Google Voice's key features as part of the pending evolution. The interface and branding may change, but the road map currently calls for the service's core functionality to remain in place within the Hangouts umbrella, I'm told.



But what about that Dick Tracy smartwatch? It’s not so crazy or far fetched anymore. After all... Will.I.Am is already on top of that with the hardware (among a few other companies), and if anyone is keen on the future, it’s gotta be Google and the guy who is from the future :)


I just wish Google wouldn’t have had that broken void between ending Voice and Incorporating it into Hangouts... the choice of transition strategy sucks.






The future is so bright I’ve gotta wear hyper-reality enabled smart-shades...




May 2, 2014

The Internet Is For Porn

Why Won’t Major Tech Companies Embrace The Porn Industry?


It was bound to happen at some point. The topics of adult entertainment, taboos, and this blog was surely destined to cross paths. It’s boggling that I haven’t written on this topic in the entire time that this blog has existed. But here we are, snorting cocaine off a stripper’s tits and calling it a day.



Adult Entertainment Header


Ok, that last part might have been a little over the top (nahh), but I might as well set the tone for this post up front. We’re going to delve into the adult entertainment industry head on, and explore what it’s responsible for while taking a shot at examining some of the reasons why the Technology Industry has a love/hate relationship with it. I’m also going to talk (at length) about some taboos that need to be cleared up or at least addressed.


For many readers, this is going to get really uncomfortable, so I’m warning in advance.


I’m sure there will be plenty of puns and double entendres involved, and they are likely all intentional. I might even commit a few blasphemies along the way just for kicks. So if you’re easily offended by naked pictures, pornography, or “adult references” in general, now would probably be a good time to head out. It’s a sensitive topic (at best) but I’d like to cover it as seriously as possible (even though you know damned well I’m going to make light of things). That being said, I’m a guy... so if there’s going to be anything resembling pornography on this blog it’s going to be women. Apologies to all of the gay men and straight women out there.


We’ll just have to see what gets included here as I write... because that’s generally how this blog gets put together. The text comes first, then later I plop in the images for illustration. Anyways... let’s begin.



Cumming to Jesus Moment


And, there we go... off to a grand start for securing my ticket to Hell. I suppose that would work if I was religious, which ironically being the son of a deacon (dad) and a minister (mom) I’m surprisingly not religious at all. But trust me, before this post is through, we’re going hit a few (hundred) nerves.



sexy-nun That’s one bad habit...


But the point stands... the premise of the phrase “Coming to Jesus Moment” is firmly in the idea of – That moment where you have to face the truth of the matter, the revelation.


It has been said the porn industry has pushed technology forward, dating all the way back to the VHS/Betamax war. When the porn industry chose VHS, Betamax was dead in the water.

This was seen again during the Blu-ray/HD-DVD war in the mid-2000s, when the video industry was looking for a high definition platform to replace the DVD. When the porn industry chose Blu-ray, Blu-ray flourished and became the universally accepted format.

The porn industry was also instrumental in being able to pay with a credit card over the Internet, as purchasing things on the Internet in the 1990s involved mailing in money orders. No, not emailing, but rather using snail mail and waiting four to six business weeks for confirmation.

If the porn industry is so influential in pushing technology, why are tech giants like Samsung, Google and Apple shunning the porn industry?


Essentially it’s a stigma, and little else.


Big companies, while they benefit immensely from the adult entertainment industry, also treat it like a dirty little secret and try to separate themselves as far as humanly possible from the “smut” in order to keep a clean reputation in public. In the professional world, if you’re involved with big names and it’s generally family friendly stuff, the last thing you want to do is openly associate yourself with the adult entertainment industry lest you get that stigma associated with you.


When I was writing the research paper with Dr. Gilbert and Dr. Dioniso, we invariably had to cover a whole section about tele-dildonics and various applications. For those who don’t know, it’s essentially a dildo or sexual device which is controlled remotely by another person over the Internet. This can range from the simplistic (just a Bluetooth enabled vibrator) to the insanely over the top... which I suppose would be like the Haptic Feedback Masturbation Simulator recently being shown off in Japan in conjunction with Oculus Rift.


Let’s face it... we’re all human and we do like to get our freak on. All the time if we could...


Now, whether we admit it or not is a whole other story. If you’re in the United States, you’re a lot less likely to be open about that (being a Puritan sort of conservative nature) versus say... I dunno... Denmark.


Buckle up, because we’re about to get mighty uncomfortable for a bit here. But it’s something that needs to be discussed in order to frame the bigger situation. So if talking about teenagers having sex is uncomfortable to you... or adults having sex with teenagers... I suggest skipping over to the next section. You’ve been warned.


Which I suppose brings us to the inevitable topic about age of consent around the world. Ok, folks... time to have “the talk” and it’s going to get a little more uncomfortable.



Cherry Pie




In the United States, the generally agreed upon age of consent is 18 years of age, with each state making stipulations and amendments depending on the situation inherent. But the overall agreement is 18, and anything under that and you’re probably going to jail for statutory rape. But in Denmark, the general age of consent is 15. Although prostitution is legal in Denmark, and the age of consent is 15 years of age, one must be at least 18 to engage in prostitution.


Essentially that just means that there are ways around it if you want there to be, but we’ll go with generally accepted practice in this case. If you find yourself with a willing 15 year old teenager, you’re good to go, but if you want to pay for sex then she’ll have to be at least 18 in Denmark. Unless you took her out to a really expensive dinner first... or out shopping. Just saying...


The age of consent in The Kingdom of Denmark is 15 as specified by Section 222, part 1, which reads: "Any person who has sexual intercourse with any child under the age of fifteen will be liable to imprisonment for any term not exceeding eight years."


Section 223, part 1, reads: "Any person who has sexual intercourse with any child under 18, who is said person's adopted child, stepchild or foster child, or who is entrusted to said person for education or upbringing, will be liable to imprisonment for any term not exceeding four years." This applies e.g. to teachers.


Which, I suppose is why it wasn’t (past tense) uncommon to see adult entertainment including a 16 year old teenager originating over there (lots of babysitter porn, I suspect), but in the United States, all hell broke loose when Traci Lords dropped the bombshell that she was 16 when she started in the porn industry. This was (of course) before 1980 when that got locked down in Denmark as illegal and in the United States, things were a lot more lax.


ce_LordsTraci3Which brings me to another important point concerning the digital age and international discrepancies. We live in an age of instantaneous information transfer and communication worldwide and yet nobody has a clue how to unify the rules so everyone can just get on with their (sex) life.


After all, the laws and statutes around the world are as varied as the ingredients in a fruitcake. So what was totally taboo in the United States and caused a complete shit-storm to pull Traci’s videos off of shelves, would have been just another typical day in Denmark (at the time) or other countries where they’d have said - “She got a late start in the industry...” – now a days though, it would have met the same fate as it did back then in the United States. But you see how things change up... and more importantly how quickly things change altogether.


After all, it wasn’t too long ago that Jerry Lee Lewis married his 13 year old cousin. Again... not saying that’s ok, nor am I passing a moral judgement on him. I’m bringing it up simply to illustrate the disparity of what we say and what actually happens here in the US and worldwide. And also how quickly things change... or at least we assume they do.


What’s totally legal in one place is taboo in another... but the United States (and other countries) are a bit overly puritanical about this subject. Doubly so if you’re religious. I think the term pedophile comes to mind over here (which is actually incorrect, by the way).


The problem here is that we’re essentially trying to legislate morality on people who (for the most part) aren’t listening. Compounding the issue is that we’re in an International community now where pretty much anything goes (and does) whether we like it or not.


Look at all the sexting taking place between teenagers... and there is plenty of risqué’ Skype video chats happening right now (or KIK, ooVoo, etc). But I digress here for a minute, because the underlying taboo is about the sex being a “dirty” thing, but more importantly that the go-to excuse is always “think of the children!”... to which I’m merely implying that I actually am thinking of them and being realistic about the situation instead of pretending like teenage boys aren’t horny little bastards... or your daughter isn’t enjoying herself every chance she gets.


Yes, doing the research on that paper led me into some really interesting back alleys of the Internet. I’m pretty sure I appear on a few watch lists as a result. What did you expect when I had to start doing some due diligence in the adult entertainment and porn industry worldwide to address things like tele-dildonics and the age of internet sex?


But nonetheless, it’s information that really should be looked into.


So, here’s the actual criteria for pedophilia... just in case you were wondering (which probably none of you were):



Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger. As a medical diagnosis, specific criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.



Alright, I get what you’re thinking at this point. The hell am I talking about pedophilia for in a blog about the adult entertainment industry and porn? Well, it’s relevant to understanding the underlying taboos of different countries.


At no point whatsoever do I, nor have I, nor will I ever condone pedophilia. Just need to make that perfectly clear before you start lighting up the torches and grabbing some pitchforks. But on the other hand, it helps to know what pedophilia actually is, which most people seemingly do not. I lean more toward an international average as age of consent (globally) which would come to be roughly age 15 or 16. I wouldn’t apply the age 18 age of consent worldwide because it seems overly puritan (except in pornography, which I think 18 is fine), and also because even in the United States it’s just a bunch of lip service.



about cherry


To make believe that teenagers aren’t out having sex with older adults (and each other) is just self-delusion. Happens all the time... Every once in awhile you hear about that female teacher having sex with her student and you’re all outraged... but to be honest, that teenage boy is on cloud nine.


Don’t act like you wouldn’t have sex with your teacher if they were good looking and willing... that’s what a large majority of Porn plots are about, and by god is it a best seller for a reason.


Which is a nice segway back to the taboo aspect and the root of it all. Or at least I’m going to try.


Essentially porn is just sexual fantasy – and those fantasies we try really, really hard to not talk about out of taboo, embarrassment, stigma, and whatever else. We try to pass it off as protecting the children, but to be honest – kids these days have seen more pornography than I have at their age (lucky bastards).


Teenagers are far more likely to be getting laid more than their parents. Maybe it’s the older generation with the stigma and not the newer generation?


I’m ambivalent about that in general because I’m more of an international averages sort of thinker on the subject. That and I’m a realist that knows it’s happening regardless of whatever laws of morality are implied/imposed.


Back on the topic at hand, which is trying to understand the origin of this stigma associated with the adult entertainment industry and major technology companies, I reside mostly in the United States for this frame of reference.


If you’re having sex with a 16 year old teenager, and you’re over 18, the immediate response is that you’re a pedophile in the United States, a sex offender and all sorts of negativity associated with it. If the same thing were to happen in Denmark, you’d just have a girlfriend and/or a damned good time.


But the appropriate designation for 15 and older is not Pedophile but Ephebophile.



Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19. The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid 20th century. It is one of a number of sexual preferences across age groups subsumed under the technical term chronophilia.


Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction. In sexual ethics, it may be defined as a sexual preference for girls generally 14–16 years old, and boys generally 14–19 years old. Some authors define ephebophilia as a sexual preference for pubescent and adolescent boys.



Yes, these are the ridiculous things that I’ve learned doing research on the wide reaching subject of The Metaverse. After all, nobody is going to deny that there is an awful lot of sex going on in places like Second Life, and with the anonymity and pseudonymity involved, you really have absolutely no idea at all if you’re getting off with a teenager or not. Let’s not act like teenagers aren’t logging into Second Life... or more importantly that your teenage son or daughter isn’t having sex at all. I think that’s a fallacy of being a parent... much like we don’t like to acknowledge that our parents are still having sex, or even... your grandparents.


Welcome to the reality check.


Thoughts like that crossed my mind regularly in looking into these situations, and to understand that there really is no guarantee in the short run that this situation isn’t true, or that it’s just a guy on that stripper pole emoting you as a barbie... or maybe somebody old enough to be your grandfather or grandmother...


What concerns me is the unknowing in a world that is schizophrenic at best about what the rules of engagement are for international exchanges.


Which brings me back to that stigma of the topic itself.


I’m sure I’ve made a lot of readers a bit uncomfortable so far, but that just goes to show that this stigma persists. I think that the less we openly talk about all of this the more we feed into those stigmas and negative perceptions.



Conservative Thinking


Strangely enough, those who actually know me in real life also know that I’m more or less ambivalent about the adult entertainment industry as a whole. In the same manner as I really don’t care if some twenty or thirty year old guy is having sex with a 16 year old teenage girl or if the High School teacher is banging one of her teenage boy students.


In Second Life that manifests (as my avatar) in much the same way as I would say – to each your own but it’s not my cup of tea, and if it were, then I really don’t care what people think. I can’t see myself hanging around the virtual strip clubs or paying a virtual call girl. I mean, for the pure hell of it sometimes I do hang out at virtual strip clubs, but (funny enough) it’s because the random conversation sometimes is interesting with the strippers and call girls.


Other than that... I prefer the real deal to playing with virtual barbies.


But if that’s what trips people’s triggers, then so be it.





A lot of people I’ve come across in Second Life have been convinced that I’m totally anti-pornography and swinger lifestyle. Which is actually untrue. It’s just not something that interests me to get into or involved with. I haven’t found a compelling reason to engage in disposable relationships – either in second life or first life.


But that’s another story.


So, I dove right into the whole pedophilia and ephebophilia topics because the biggest issue when it comes to adult entertainment and porn is “protecting the kids” and verifying ages, which tech companies loathe to get into. The last thing they want to deal with is a bunch of kids who ended up watching “The Maddam’s Family” or “Who’s Nailin’ Palin?” because their parents left the parental lock code at 0000.


Nor do we want to talk about the very real likelihood of “underage” sex happening all the time whether you’re in or out of the United States. In the US sex on its’ own is stigmatized heavily but in other countries not so much (if at all), which comes back to discrepancies in international laws and jurisdiction in a global communications system such as the Internet.


Which leads us to just the idea of adult entertainment on the whole, and leaving out the fringe cases and considerations.


Up until now, I’ve been intentionally hitting all of the nerves that I can on the subject and staring directly into the vortex of taboo. The purpose of that was/is to desensitize you, my reader, to the main topic at hand... so in retrospect you’re less likely to shun the topic because you now have some perspective.



Innovation Through Masturbation


Technology is actually innovated and advanced largely by the adult entertainment industry as a whole. But despite this major benefit, most tech giants (and quite a lot of people) pretend like porn is bad, or try to disassociate themselves from anything in the industry at all.


Let’s be Frank...


rocky_horror_image_3 Don’t dream it... be it...


The human race has some seriously in-depth kinks and fetishes. I couldn’t even cover it all in-depth, because I’d get completely overwhelmed by the time I attempted to sort out Japan. What I’ve discussed in this post pales in comparison to all of that, and even The Rocky Horror Picture Show is tame by comparison. But still, just the adult industry in general carries a stigma... taboo... and we disassociate from it in “polite” company, or just outright lead second lives to accommodate under cover of anonymity...


But when it comes to tech companies, it takes a whole new level of disassociation and “family friendly” atmosphere. After all, you’re not going to find adult films in the iTunes store or Google Play anytime soon. Nor are you going to find adult entertainment rated apps in the App Stores...


Instead, it’s this sort of exclusion and back-room understanding that makes adult entertainment and related industries have to find ways to innovate and workarounds constantly. No adult section on Youtube? Ok... they’ll just build up and – No apps and Google changed the App Store policies to forbid adult materials? Fine... we’ll just work around it again...


You’d think for a multi-billion dollar industry that historically drives innovation in technology and adoption... tech companies would treat the industry with a little more respect. You would think they’d be all over it like Gianna Michaels on a...



gianna-michaels Clearly I wrote myself into a corner on that one. She makes an excellent Jessica Rabbit though.


Ok, well... you get the point.


Is this stubbornness on the part of the tech giants, or is this a conscious effort to promote wholesome, family-friendly content? The problem with the latter approach is it neglects a market of responsible adults who want a new level of pornography to be incorporated in their sex lives.


I’m not personally worried about what people will think of me if I were to associate with adult entertainment. In the virtual world aspect, it’s a matter of acknowledging the existence and market for adult entertainment and experiences and not being too shy to engage with it in a professional manner.


If the adult entertainment industry is responsible for pushing technology that we use today and making it ubiquitous, then there’s no reason to give it a bad name.


Unless she wants you to talk dirty like that...


If it wasn’t for the world obsession and consumption of pornographic materials, we probably wouldn’t be using a lot of the things we take for granted today in our every day lives. So I see it as an opportunity to cater to the adult industry as a whole, and create a less stigmatized working and symbiotic relationship between them and our technology companies.


Sure, nobody is really going to make that first step anytime soon... because of that stigma... and nobody wants to freely associate their professional selves with the adult entertainment industry if they’re working with “wholesome” and family-friendly enterprises who will look down at you if they (god forbid) found out.


But let me be the first professional to put it out there. If I find myself dealing with the adult entertainment industry for anything technology related, and other players in the industry think lesser of me for it – I don’t care. I know where the money is at, and I know what industry is truly responsible for driving technology since the beginning. I also know there will never be a shortage of people who want to have sex or get off.


That’s called being a realistic adult about the issue instead of acting like an awkward ball of insecurity and taboo.


It shouldn’t stigmatize the technology that comes of it, either. No more than online transactions, your Blu-ray DVD, and countless other innovations that were a result of pornography driving it forward.


Let’s put it in language the big companies can understand: whichever major tech company jumps on the future of pornography will be entitled to the billions of dollars that come with it.





Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go torch my browser history with napalm and scrub my brain with bleach. Some search terms on the internet just aren’t safe...