Nov 13, 2006

ASCII Memorial Park

I would like to take a moment and introduce the newest addition to the City of Nidus - ASCII Memorial Park. Located just west of our ground zero, ASCII Park is a fairly normal park like you would see elsewhere, except that the games at the park all work :)

There are currently four multi-player games available (board games) and are not the normal Chess or Checkers like you are used to. Hosted by Atari, the games are Monopoly, Scrabble, Sorry and Battleship. A slight departure from the normal, but then again that's what we do in VR5.

The games will probably need you to create a login (but it's totally free) after which you can play the boardgames against other people online.

The other addition is our recent award from the Flight Festival 2006, given to us by OneSummer for our effort to serve the community during International Community Week. There were probably a number of worlds that received this award, but we are still grateful for it none the less. The award is proudly on display in ASCII Park for all to see.

Why the name ASCII Memorial? Well, I was thinking of the old school chat rooms and the BBS systems that came before all this graphical eye candy and decided to name a memorial park after the efforts. Hopefully we'll receive a Cy Award in 2007 so we can display it at the park as well... provided we don't get beaten out by another Easter Egg Hunt at the last minute. ;)

Again, as always, everything at the park works. You can sit on the benches, the chairs, play the games, etc... because well... we're in the habit of making things work and not just for looks. There will most likely be some additions or some tweaks to the design of the park as time progresses, but for now we're happy with the current design.

Looking To The Future of AW - With Zen In Mind - Darian Knight

Nov 7, 2006

The Weather Forcast....

In other news, it seems an unusually cold front has moved into the City of Nidus, causing some light snow showers around ground zero. This coupled with some ice in some areas may make for hazardous travel conditions, citizens please be advised.
Some holiday decorations have been hung, with expectation of more decorations in the coming month.