Jan 22, 2008

New Navigation Bar and other stuff...

So another update to the site in these wee hours of the morning.

New navigation bar done in flash, thanks to our resident flash guy Raven. Still working on making a rotating planet for the banner. That is taking a little longer than expected.

Also an embedded chat box on the main page, courtesy of chatango.com - feel free to leave a message or just use it as a chatroom. Keep in mind your IP address goes with your messages, so keep it clean.

And as the coup de grace, the flash web player is now streaming radio stations and not just static music files from the server. Issues with Internet Explorer and it's inability to understand web standards will probably prevent you from hearing the streaming stations, which is why we highly recommend you switch to Firefox.

Head over to http://www.firefox.com to grab the latest version, because Internet Explorer is an abomination.

Till the next update -

Andromeda Media Universe Team


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