Oct 3, 2007

Tyson Foods, Inc Demo Booth

Something we were working on with Digitell Inc this evening for a demo in the morning. It's a Tyson Foods, Inc Demo Booth for a digital expo. I think it came out very nice with the lighting and various final touches.

If you are interested in having your
company represented for educational, training or expo purposes in a virtual environment, stop by Digitell Inc for more information and a tour - www.digitellinc.com

We're just hoping they are happy with the results of this demo we put together with Digitell Inc.

Oct 2, 2007

All is quite on the western front...

With the VR5 World research project finished, things have gotten very quiet in the public space concerning our company.

We've been working on a new Galaxy system with Digitell Inc in Jamestown, NY - dubbed Virtual U. It's a galaxy class AW virtual system designed for business, conferences and seminars. This has more or less been taking most of our time and I apologize for the latency in keeping everyone up to date.

In other news, the Cy Awards are coming up this November - one of the only awards I really wanted to win but never did. I've donated a few things for the awards ceremony world (some custom particle creations) and I'll see about actually attending this year (as I usually have whenever the Cy Awards have been going on).

As for project Prometheus, it's moving forward after a boat load of logistics and some original issues with the networking and infrastructure. Now that those things seem to be taken care of, it'll be moving forward. We're hoping to have a demo of this within 3 - 6 months as time permits.

What exactly is Prometheus? I guess I could let some of the news out. Point blank it's yet another research project but with a twist. We're trying to once and for all create a virtual worlds browser system that is easy to use, but also makes use of a number of techniques that no other company has used before.

Things like a custom P2P hybrid transfer system to eliminate bottlenecks and server dependency. Procedural routines to allow the users to create high resolution textures that will intelligently scale in quality with the hardware viewing it. Procedurally generated content such as trees and multi-layered atmosphere with full clouds generation system, and more.

We set the bar really high with this one, but we really think it's possible to accomplish if we just put our minds to it. Octree and Portal Culling for blazing fast framerates, allowing higher definition content without the FPS hits you normally see in a virtual world. Lot's of ideas are on the table with this project, mostly stemming from our time creating content in the Active Worlds universe for research in the City of Nidus.

As usual, we're not sure how effective our efforts will be, but at least we can say we're giving it a go...

In other mildly related news - the phone lines for the company have been purposely taken down during this time and will remain this way indefinitely. We are spending a majority of our time between Digitell Inc and also developing Prometheus, and really will not be accepting any other contracts for awhile.

I know this is very unorthodox, but seeing as the phone line was routed to our cellphones for immediate responses, we decided to remove the number and service indefinite while we work on these things without interruptions.

We appreciate your business, as usual, but for the time being we will only be responding to our emails. If you are a company looking to contract us for consulting or work, please use our contacts page and email to get ahold of the appropriate person, or if you need an immediate response you can email me personally - DarianKnight AT Gmail.com

I thank you for your understanding ahead of time concerning these matters, but our research for the time being is more important and we would rather not overload our company with contracts and split out time from the high end projects we are working on.