Nov 18, 2008

Text Wizardry

Currently working with Spell Check and Automatic Text Translation for text chat. Both are definitely something we're looking into adding to the system for launch and preview.

More information about this can be found in our forums :)


- The Management

Nov 10, 2008

Now With Search!

Quick update for things going on here at Andromeda3D:

  • Looking into the SimulCloud SDK system for Weather and Clouds
  • Trying to work out something for Binaural Audio solutions in world
  • Forums are back online
  • Search Box on Andromeda3D site is now indexing and searching the Forums
  • Trying to work out a solution for user inventory storage
Hopefully that just about covers it, though the Media section is now split into Audio, Video and Images. We'll add more to the audio section as time goes by. Also, keep an eye on the Images and Video section as we continue to add to those lists as well.

New things being added all the time, so check back often!


Andromeda3D Team

Nov 6, 2008

New Jooce Account

Leave it to us to break the old Jooce account beyond repair :) We've made a new account under the name of AndromedaMedia and have migrated all of the files from the old account to the new Public Desktop for people to download.

Also we've taken the time to add some more downloads and videos to the public desktop, but be forewarned, the SimulCloud and SimulWeather demos require Shader Model 3 in order to work. No Macintosh versions have been posted on the Joocetop yet, but keep an eye out in case we get around to it.

Currently the Forums are offline, though rest assured somebody is working on getting them back and running again.

The Gallery section of our website has been updated as well, splitting between Images, Video and Audio. All three sections will expand in content over time, but what we have now should tide everyone over for the time being.

Just a reminder, there is currently no public prototype of Andromeda3D, so if anyone offers such a file to you, keep in mind that unless you get it from us it's not legit. Available to the public via our public jooce desktop are a myriad of technology demos for you to test out on your system. These tech demos are currently technologies that we are working with in order to add vast amounts of functionality to the finalized A3D browser system.

Nov 1, 2008

More News From The Front Lines

Things happen for a reason these days, and we are pretty sure those who have been following our progress have been wondering just what it is that we're up to lately. Unfortunately we are unable to report our progress at this time in any detail past the vague "we're making progress" assertion of the past few months.

Some progress is being made with the P2P VoIP and Video Chat System, but as always it'll take more than just preliminary testing in order to fully integrate it all into a single browser system. The rest of what we've been up to is currently being covered in the beta section of our forums, so if you have an account with us, feel free to read up on the latest behind the scenes information.