Mar 9, 2008

What's in a name?

Sent out this morning to all person's officially accepted into the beta team was an email confirmation. For those who received this email, congratulations and welcome aboard!

Now down to the nitty gritty, so to speak.

Also included in your email was your first task, to suggest some names for this browser. Andromeda Media Universe is the default name we're going with for lack of anything better, and since the programmer and I cannot actually come to a consensus on what to call it, I'm turning to our Beta Team to do what they do best - help us guide the direction of the project.

Andromeda Media Universe is my idea, and there are a handful of ideas from the programmer (Tim) as to what it should be called. He personally hates the name Andromeda Media Universe, and since I don't think any of his suggestions have that "staying power".. ya know, that magic word or phrase that manages to sum it up, isn't tacky, and sounds good, I'm putting this in the hands of the Beta Team.

So send in your name suggestions - things you think would be better than Andromeda Media Universe. If any of the names can actually be agreed on between myself and the programmer, then we'll go ahead with that instead of Andromeda for release.

If we can't agree on a name, we'll be defaulting with Andromeda Media Universe as it is right now.