Nov 15, 2014


A random thought about Love

Like a knight drenched in the rain, marching onward with faith. The skies blackened and foreboding, with each step the ache in his muscles crying out like the fires of hell and the searing hands wrenching from him the will to continue.



Kneeling Knight


Though those moments weigh heavy, his resolve continues into the night and across the emptiness only to fall to one knee with a crack of lightning casting his shadow against the castle walls, the clatter of his armor and sword falling from his person announcing his arrival to the one he loves staring down upon a broken hero who has braved it all and lost everything for a mere glimpse at the angel above.

And in that moment, it is love - pure and simple, which prevails and remains when all else has been stripped. A determination unlike any other. For it is this man who bares the scars of time and fought many demons real and imaginary, and held steadfast in resolve.

What others would see as a broken and exhausted man kneeling in the cold rain, too weak to raise a sword, let alone his eyes - only the woman he sought would see not the man, but the journey which led him to her feet. For it is exhaustion which forbids that he raise his sword again, but it is love and ultimate respect that averts his gaze so kindly, until beckoned and granted audience in her eyes.

It is that journey throughout life itself, and a personal crusade over many years, which has such a man before her... tempered through fire and cleansed through torrent.

For her love he kneels, and in sacrifice he mutters upon high a prayer only she can answer. For in that moment, it is she who is his higher power.

That is love.


I believe this is why men propose on one knee. Not in armor, nor weapon in hand. But merely as a sign of ultimate respect and love. To put one's heart in the hands of another. It is not just that moment, but the acknowledgment that the journey which led them there to that moment was long, and it led to her gaze.

Chivalry is not dead. It merely seeks both a gentleman and a lady to rekindle that honor.




Of course, this goes for simply two individuals. Whether that is two men, two women, or man and woman. It even just goes for any combination of individuals... gay, straight, trans, furry... whatever. The feeling should be the same. I’m just going with classic chivalry here for the example. Thought I’d put this out there before the whole LGBTQ community takes offense...


We’re cool.