Jan 19, 2009

Sundance Film Festival...

Never underestimate the power of coincidence, especially when you are at the Sundance Film Festival and surrounded by some seriously high rollers in the industry. Today's update will be short and sweet, just to let everyone know that the team is still working diligently on the Andromeda Project.

With that being said, the majority of the project completion has to do with behind the scenes paperwork and legal proceedings that will allow us to move forward. Usually when a company or project tells you that there is progress being made, they normally show you a bunch of fancy screenshots or put out a small demo. This happens not to be one of those times, as we must realize that moving forward with important milestones does not always mean something graphical or flashy. A lot of times it means that mundane stuff is being accomplished, but that does not mean that such proceedings are not important.

As a matter of fact, these boring paperwork sessions and such may actually be the most important aspect of A3D to date. Rest assured, when things become finalized, the beta team and world will know what's going on.

Until then, I trust that our beta team has been keeping tabs in the forums ;)

- The Management