Oct 13, 2008

Some Updates :)

Been awhile since we've written anything for the blog, and a lot has been happening in the labs since the last update. Just to catch everyone up, here's the current scoop:

The Contact Form has been reinstated (finally)

System Requirements have been added

Membership Plans section underwent a minor update

... while a slew of other things continue to happen that we cannot publicly post at the moment.

Meanwhile, in the Forums, some posts have been added documenting some excellent free texture resources as well as some audio resources for 3D environments. Hopefully our Beta team will continue the threads and add their own places for content.

In the realm of A3D, things progress slowly but surely, and as the United States economy essentially collapses under our feet, let us be glad that the brunt of it hasn't killed this project. It has, however brought us to a crawl, though as we stated before - we simply refuse to give up :)

- Swimming in Molasses

William Burns
Project Leader