Sep 8, 2006

Server Outage :(

We are sorry to inform you that our Object Path and Website are currently experiencing technical difficulties. (We think Mr Clark spilled coffee on the server again...)

This server outage will effect both our main website and Object Path. For users of this system, we are happy to report that this outage should be temporary, and we expect to get things back online by midnight tonight (Eastern Standard Time).

Again, this looks like a temporary problem on our side and we are hard at work to correct it.

This does not mean the browser is a total bust (for New Users). While you are waiting for our world to return, why not check out some of the other worlds in this universe?

Active Worlds Gate: Click Here

Metatropolis: Click Here

Alphaworld: Click Here

Our deepest apologies from VR5 Online - We would love to see you again under better circumstances :)

Kicking the crap out of the servers - MPL Knight


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