Aug 31, 2008

We Have Normaility... but what is normal anyway?

The auto-redirect seems to have been fixed, thanks to the hosting administrators. Some upgrades were going on with the servers and a few things got slightly messed up in the process. In one instance, an entire server hard drive took a nose dive (luckily it wasn't ours).

So let's recap for a moment:

Site was redirecting to a GreenCard Application site [supposedly the redirect flag on the server was turned on for everything instead of just the 404 pages]

Checked the site this evening and everything seems to be in order again.

If you notice anything out of the ordinary with the site again, feel free to give us a heads up so we can try to find out what is going on. We would again like to personally thank Dr. Duke and Keith Thomas for giving us the heads up about the redirect issue.

And now we resume our regularly scheduled programming :)

Darian "Is It Just Me, or Do Pokemon Seem Completely Non-Plausible?" Knight


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