Jul 15, 2010

☯ elements Spa @ Pixel Labs

In-World Location
: SLURL - http://bit.ly/bdMLAl

As you walk to the door of this small building set along a sprawling Pacific Northwest coast line, you feel a sense of peace and calm wash over you. From the sound of the gentle waters on the shore to the delicate breeze dancing through the leaves of the nearby forest, you get the feeling of tranquility. Gone are the accustomed blasting music drowning out the subtle atmosphere, and nowhere present are the sprawling malls you would expect to traverse to get to where you were intending on going. From the onset, you feel this is definitely a different place in Second Life.

Welcome to ☯ elements Spa and Massage @ Pixel Labs, the first and only spa to cater specifically to Bio-Acoustic Massage Therapy in Second Life. While in our care, our staff will aim to provide a relaxing and immersive environment by which you can allow your mind and body to drift into a more relaxed state, whereby aiding your own body's natural recovery process.

While there is nothing like this in Second Life, there are, however, other Spas in the virtual environment. ☯ elements Spa caters to a different type of person in the virtual space, and while other spas offer text for emoting the massage process, elements does not even consider this an option. Instead, elements caters solely to voice enabled patrons, with trained staff to calm and soothe our clients with guided meditation, followed by a lengthy virtual massage process which continues where the guided meditation leaves off - entirely in voice.

The purpose of this narrow aim is to do what we can to trigger psychosomatic response in our clients for the purpose of relaxation and calm. Gone are the text chat and silent roleplay, and in its place stands a real, live voice to soothe you and guide you on your path to less stress. Much like we would listen to a guided meditation, or the sound of a soothing voice to center our thoughts and reduce the stress, allowing us to let go and focus, ☯ elements Spa uses this wholeheartedly to the benefit of our clients.

The process doesn't end there, though, with great attention to detail with the environment itself, each aspect finely tuned to create a sense of total immersion. From the gentle stream of delicate smoke rising from the incense holder, to the breeze pushing some of the linen curtains into a light dance upon the wind. Clients are greeted by our staff before their session, and time is set aside to talk and evaluate trouble areas with the client prior to the massage. While one may wonder what this has to do with the therapy, it's part of the process to help the client begin to focus on what troubles them, and so allows the process to work faster. If you're focusing on where the stress and tension is, it'll make it easier to relax them as the massage gets underway.

One part detailed roleplay, and one part guided meditation, ☯ elements Spa plays a very real part in real life relaxation therapy to virtual clients. Our process is detailed for the intention of immersion, playing the role as though the staff and client are truly in the same room together. We visualize ourselves this way, and speak during the process as though we are truly performing the actions. If we are to apply oil, we ask the client which they prefer, and then describe the scent in detail and its effects so that the client can begin to allow those psychosomatic influences to take hold. In a number of instances, we've been told that this attention to detail has resulted in the client feeling the effects, smelling the scents, and losing themselves in the atmosphere we've created.

Sounds good, doesn't it? When was the last time you've been in a virtual space and have been able to truly be immersed in the location? At ☯ elements Spa, this is exactly what we strive to do for you, and when your session is completed, it is our hope and intention that you walk away calm and relaxed.

☯ elements Spa is not yet open to the public for business, but in this post we'll give some details as to what you should expect:


All sessions are either half hour or one full hour in length. Half hour sessions are L$700 while Full Hour sessions are L$1250, payable prior to the session beginning. There are a couple of types of session you may sign for, each with attention to specific areas and needs. while the general process remains the same, the attention of details is where each are differentiated.

☯ elements Spa does welcome walk-in clients, but keep in mind there may not always be a staff member available for you at all times. When you arrive, simply touch the board of the staff member that you wish to have perform the service (providing they are online) and you will be given the updated notecard with complete information about the services as well as pricing. After you have done this, the staff member will be notified of your interest and they will contact you directly.

Keep in mind, ☯ elements Spa is non-sexual in nature and does not condone escorting or sexual services on the premises. Our staff have been instructed to ignore these requests, and not entertain them at all - even to the point of ending the session and banning the offending client without refund.

Availability for our staff members varies, but general indicators of availability are on each board via icons for day or night. There are also star icons to denote experienced staff members, as well as an indicator icon to denote in-world voice preference or skype to ensure voice clarity during your session.

For more information or to schedule an appointment ahead of the opening, please contact Aeonix Aeon or Lavender Siamendes in Second Life for details.


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