Oct 14, 2011

You Say you Want A Revolution?

Well, you know. We all want to change the world. #OWS


I’m an avid supporter of the Occupy Wall Street Movement, which now has a basis around the world in solidarity, and has grown considerably around the United States. However, I ‘m a forecaster by nature and the facts remain that there is little to no chance that the 1% that the #OWS movement is against will in any way find a reason to negotiate. After all, those very same people hold the rights to the land the protesters occupy, and have little to no incentive to forfeit any of their holdings in negotiation.






If anything, they see the 99% movement as a bunch of people complaining without any real power structure to actually change the situation, nor should we have expected alternate behavior from them in a world where they essentially define and call the shots. I’m all for peaceful revolution, but I also know from the cold, hard, facts and statistics that a peaceful revolution is merely a warning shot leading to bigger things.


The very laws and corruption that the protesters are against will inevitably be used against them for claims of perfectly legal opposition, albeit entirely immoral. This comes as no surprise to me, because I know this will end in a more violent revolution than we are led to believe today in our peaceful outreach of protests.


It’s only a warning shot.


At 7am in Zucatti Park (Liberty Plaza), they have been ordered to evacuate for “cleaning” with the stipulation that they cannot return as a protest as they were prior. It’s a convenient excuse, but effective because the people who actually own the park are perfectly within their legal right to demand such things. It’s a matter of slanting the rules and laws, and the 1% are exceptionally good at it.


There are those who will refuse to leave, and I expect there to be mass protests and arrests. I even expect there to be a considerable amount of police brutality. What I do not expect is that the peaceful protesters will continue being on the receiving end of that abuse – physically or through corruption,  much longer.


Remember,  the peaceful protests are merely a warning shot.


I’ve been accused of beating the war drums, and trying to stir up violence in a peaceful protest, but I must correct those people outright. I’m not advocating violence, because I would very much rather see a peaceful end to a means. However, that being said, I am not blind enough to ignore the very real possibility that a peaceful protest may evolve into something bigger and less peaceful as this continues. It’s not beating the war drums, it’s facing reality.



Peaceful revolution is the ideal, but never rule out alternatives. Always be prepared for all contingencies.



If we’re brave enough to face the corruption on a wide scale, we must not stop short of being blindsided by ideals that may not produce fruition. We must expect the best and be prepared for the worst, in that we may (as a whole) lessen the casualties in the future. Be they political or physical.


Somebody has to think of these things, because a majority is unwilling to. If it comes to that, just be glad there are those who have thought ahead and will have an answer for you if you get to that point.


Peace is the one thing we all want, but only a few are willing to truly fight for it if the need arises. Don’t be surprised if the militias come to the #OWS aid when they need it most. We all want a peaceful solution, but sometimes we have to be willing to truly fight when our options run out. I make no qualms about it – the American Patriots are ready to fight when peaceful negotiation and protest is ignored. It’s what our founding fathers did, and it’s a tradition of these United States of America.


Expect the best, be prepared for the worst. Never be surprised.




  1. Update: The planned "cleanup" of Occupy Wall Street has been postponed. It is a peaceful and earned victory for the movement with numbers swelling to about 2,000 protesters by 6:30 am to show solidarity.

    However, this is just a battle in the overall war. The 1% are regrouping for something bigger.

  2. From @macfathom on twitter: Riot cops taking out the orange nets at Park and Beekman. Batons are out. 8:15 am, Oct 14 2011.

    - Told you they were regrouping.