Apr 6, 2012

A Few Good Men…

In which Kevin Simkins & myself are promoted


IEEE Promotion_001



I'm happy to announce that Kevin Simkins and I have been recently promoted to the position of Vice Chair for the IEEE Virtual World Standard Working Group (P1828) by the appointment of Tom Starai, our group chair. Formerly holding the positions of Ontology/Taxonomy and Object Interoperability Lead (respectively), Mr. Simkins and I will continue in our roles while adding our expertise to a higher involvement within the standard group. We look forward to serving the virtual world community with our involvement and will strive to work our hardest to bring about positive change for all.

For more information concerning the IEEE virtual World Standard Working Group, please see our wiki at


  1. Congratulations, good luck, and make sure you have a decent manicure before giving Linden Lab the finger back when they refuse to implement any industry-wide standards.


  2. It has been my contention the entire time during my involvement that we would be writing a standard for the future, not the past :)

  3. Congratulations, Will... :)