Feb 27, 2014

Bill Hicks Is My Patron Saint

Does he sound a little familiar?


Recently it was the twenty year anniversary of Bill Hicks death. This is a man that literally changed my life and attitude about things. So yeah, people prattle on incessantly about how I’m caustic, or abrasive... how I don’t sugar coat things and that’s why I don’t get invited to parties.





Allow me to channel a little bit of Bill Hicks for a moment when I say:


Fuck the corporate shill, ass kissing, lap-dog, soulless sell-outs.


Did I make myself clear? Good. Let’s move on then.


It’s not about the favoritism, it’s about keeping your integrity instead of being an empty mouth piece. It’s about not being a bobble-head. It’s about being better than that instead of celebrating that you aren’t better than that.


When the fuck did anti-intellectualism become popular?



You can be one of two people:


1. The person who says the emperor has no clothes


2. The person who turns their head the other way and compliments the emperor on such a wonderful outfit while they attend the private banquet.



Is there really integrity in getting an “exclusive” interview with somebody if you’re just being spoon fed the entire thing and you’re just filming a half hour infomercial? Everything you say is suspect and without actual merit at that point – and is that really something you should be proud of?


Whoosh.. right out the door.





“They don’t want you... if you have an idea that doesn’t correspond to their corporate propaganda.” – Bill Hicks



I am your counterbalance. I won’t tell you what you want to hear – I’m here to tell you what you need to hear. There is a difference. Mainly that the shit people need to hear usually are the things people don’t want to hear.


I long ago stopped taking the propaganda bullshit serious, but at no point am I required to be apologetic to it. It’s like people pretending that Fox News is more than a propaganda machine full of puppets.


So yeah... I’m abrasive when I need to be, and when it has to be said. Because this world needs more people who cut the shit and tell it for what it is.


It’s not a privilege to be invited to that crap in the first place... it’s an insult. It says that I’m just like them and that I’ve adequately sold myself and all credibility out the window to be treated special so I can be a puppet and spit out whatever little message they want and hold whatever opinion of it that they tell me to.



That’s what it says... it says that I can be trusted to say whatever the fuck they want me to say and not take them to task.



The difference between soft journalism and hard journalism.


Somebody please explain to me how that’s a desirable trait to parade around in public? You’d think people would be outright ashamed to parade that around publicly but they wear it like a fucking badge of honor.


It’s not journalism or news... that’s called reading from a script. Completely mindless garbage, spoon fed to them.





If you’re wondering why I’m “abrasive” or unapologetic and harsh... it’s because I’m surrounded and saturated by this stupid mindlessness and the “Aww shucks, why don’t you just play along?” attitude.


Are you sure you got the credit right on that picture of Ebbe in-world on your post?” – Messaged to me in-world


Does it fucking matter? There was a whopping 8 of you there – so fucking pick somebody to credit and shut up. That’s the contention... who took a picture of a default robot avatar sitting in a chair because it just so happened to be worn by the new CEO? Like we don’t have more important shit to worry about? Play a game of spin the bottle and call it a day.


Pull straws and elect a representative... I don’t care.


I’ll take care of the photo credit for you -


Credit: One of the couple of people that Linden Lab has on private speed dial when they need to sell something to the public without anyone asking any real questions.


I’m abrasive and blunt because it’s insulting to have people attempt to feed me bullshit and propaganda insisting it has any merit.


It’s insulting that people have audacity to pretend like they have a shred of credibility or integrity when it’s anything but. And it’s insulting that those people insist that I need to pretend otherwise because I might be saying something that they aren’t comfortable hearing.


Just like my patron saint... I’m interested in cutting to the truth, calling bullshit when it stinks, and I’m completely unapologetic about it. That doesn’t make anything I say less true simply because you don’t want to hear it. There is no loss of credibility.


Credibility and denial are not interchangeable, just like people seem to mistake opinion and truth whenever it’s convenient.


You’re welcome to opinions... but you’re not welcome to insist that opinions are facts to suit your own agenda, any more than you are in a position to insist propaganda is credible journalism or that having favoritism and private invites is not a complete and total conflict of interest which may as well destroy any and all objectivism in what you present to the public.


The messed up part about this entire post this morning is this:


I’m actually being honest and optimistic.  


That’s why Bill Hicks is my patron saint.


Because I can tell the difference. When in doubt, read the disclaimer at the top of the blog. You might learn something.



Outrage is actually optimism: We’re mad because people should be better


Anger is really a sign of hope -- and belief that the world can, and must, be better than it is




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