Apr 5, 2006

AIML For Dummies

I admit defeat... when programming my original Hybrid AIML interpreter (core) I didn't realize how hard it would be to seperate the generated AIML from it's datasets.

I tried soooo hard to seperate the AIML files for a normal AIML bot... I even tried to mess around with the source code... (my original). No success.

I know somewhere I had this idea about a hybrid AI engine with rediculously complicated reasoning tiers and so on... but looking back at the code - I have no idea what I was doing all those years ago. One day I may actually get the source back together and recompile - but then again, I also realized from the conversations I've logged from the AIML Pandorabot that people in here are not exactly useful for training a bot (and so learning would be useless).

No point having a bot that can learn on its own if the people talking to it are foul mouthed and incoherant. So I am back to square one... Not really a bad thing - I've decided to switch over to Magine's AW AIML bot (thanks Magine for releasing this) and just grabbing whatever AIML files I had on the other server and integrating into this bot.

Because there is always a reason to split hairs (you know who you people are), I am going to say this the first time through:

1. The "bot" is Magine's (based on some prevous pascal version) and is based on GNU Public License
2. About 1/2 of the AIML files are written by me (William Burns) and are from CORe (I replaced alot of the aiml directory)
3. Anything left over is property of whomever made it.

There. Done. Put down the weapons and go home.

The bot itself will be in the world whenever I get around to setting it up on a server. The following people may continue to pick apart every sentence of this post by emailing me personally: wburns@vr5-online.com

1. Andras
2. Strike Rapier
3. Whomever else has nothing better to do

Have fun :)


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