Apr 15, 2006



On April 22nd, 2006 there will be a concert like no other in the virtual universe.
Two hours of streaming concert from the band Aztech Rising, hosted by the City of Nidus, VR5 Online and The Edge Radio.

The concert is free for all who enter, though our world can only host a total of 45 users at the same time, so this is a first come first serve event. Included will be about two hours of music from Aztech Rising (no longer will the audience need to click an object for each song) and our streams can accomodate 25 Highband and also 25 Lowband (for dialup users). Also for the intermission between sets, There will be a LIVE interview! (If you cannot get into the world for the concert, there will still be 5 streams left on the station so you can still hear - http://www.theedgeradio.org)

The concert start time is 10:30VRT and the location will be Nidus Outdoor Arena (teleport availible at GZ).

Another first for a virtual concert is a fully functional giftshop offering Concert T-Shirts (Real and Virtual) as well as the ability to order copies of the CD. There is also the abiity (from what we are hearing) to purchase a copy of the band's CDs for instant download! When was the last time you attended a virtual concert and walked away with a real tshirt?

Not to leave any stone unturned, we are also providing a working Papa Johns Pizza for those who wish to order some pizza and snacks for the concert. Those with a Papa Johns in distance can make the entire order and have it delivered from the VR Concert area to your home in real life.

Aztech Rising is a mellow sound much like attending a Pink Floyd concert - so come prepared to listen to the sound and watch the displays :) We would like to personally thank the members of Aztech Rising for offering to play in our humble world - we are doing everything we can to make this a concert to remember!

In Other News:::

The City of Nidus has been experiencing some really heavy rainfall over the past few weeks, resulting in widespread flooding for some of our locations. We are working feverishly to correct the flooding problem in some of our locations as soon as possible and apologize for the hassles this may bring our residents.

On the bright side of things, we have also inherited a new lake near the Arena, so the flooding wasnt all that bad. Things should be dried up better before the concert date and we do not expect to cancel on account of rain.

More exciting things...

The Nidus Ground Zero has been greatly reduced in Lag over the past few days and we are seeing a dramatic improvement in FPS for even lower end systems. Also to note: we have created a visual teleport page for our world that can be accessed through the following means - Standing on the teleport pad at GZ will load the page. You can also access this page from the GZ Kiosk (that options button on the ground) and lastly, directly entering the website location http://www.vr5online.com/teleports

For the time being - only a couple of the teleports are wrong (well not really wrong but they take you to flooded buildings). Due to the flood in our world, we are currently correcting this.

Again, we would like to thank the citizens of Nidus for their participation and support all of these months during development - this concert is our way of giving back to the community. ENJOY!


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