Jun 6, 2008

Early Morning Updates


Forums have once again been updated. This time we've added roughly 200 games in a new arcade section. The arcade keeps track of your score, keeps a high score list, allows you to challenge other forum members to beat your top score, etc. When you get the high score for a game, you get a trophy awarded for it.

Some games are immediately playable, while others you can unlock by being active in the forums. Yet another thing to keep everyone busy and active in the growing Andromeda community.

Andromeda Website

Currently the main website has undergone some changes as well, with the most noticeable being a complete design overhaul. Not all of the sections are filled in yet, and a few are just preliminary, but as one of our beta members put it - "It provides more information than the prior design".

So we'll be going with this new design for the time being and making changes and tweaks as we move forward. Please keep in mind that simply because the system has certain features built in, does not necessarily mean that we will be activating them for usage.

Part of our main concern when building this system for you is that it also run well on a wide range of systems, so to this point, we may have to disable some features in order to accomplish this. We will keep everyone up to date as to these adjustments as they happen; if they happen.

Beta Section

The beta section is moved over to the new site update and working, with the exception of the programs directory. The queller technology server is currently undergoing some maintenance and should be back online within a few days.

Beta Registrations

Registrations for the Beta Team are currently closed to the public with the exception of directly contacting the development team for special consideration. We would like to thank everyone for their continuing interest in this project.

New Emails

Part of the Queller Technology Server update includes setting up the emails for the Andromeda3D.com website. Hence the contact forms are currently down while we set that up to replace the old forms.

Queller Update

We would like to personally thank everyone who has sent their best wishes to Queller during his recovery period. For those who were not aware, he was severely injured recently and as a result is now with stitches and recovering from fractured ribs.

He is making a good recovery, and with a little rest will be back on this project in no time. Again, we thank everyone for their kind words of support during this time.


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